Gearbox: The Wii U Will Get The Best-Looking Version Of Aliens: Colonial Marines

Gearbox: The Wii U Will Get The Best-Looking Version Of Aliens: Colonial Marines

Nintendo has yet to release the official hardware specifications for the Wii U, and it’s something Gearbox’s Brian Burleson, senior producer on Aliens: Colonial Marines, won’t discuss directly. But, he said to Eurogamer, the Wii U will get the best-looking version of the game because it has “more modern tech”.

“Just trust me on that one,” he added, when Eurogamer pressed for more details on how the game would look better.

Guessing and coyly hinting at the Wii U’s capabilities has been an industry parlor game leading up to the console’s full reveal at E3 in about 10 days. It’s been said to be as powerful as the Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3. Then it’s been said to be less powerful. Now we have Gearbox on the record, twice, saying the console is more powerful.

Burleson said building Aliens: Colonial Marines‘ Wii U version “has been pretty easy. The Wii U is a powerful, powerful machine and it can do a lot of cool new things.” Guess we’ll find out what kind of cool things in Los Angeles.

Wii U Aliens: Colonial Marines is best-looking version because of console’s “more modern tech” [Eurogamer]


  • I still have the feeling that the next generations of consoles is gonna be the last. Each consecutive generation has contributed an improvement in gaming hardware and from the looks of it we’re reaching the point where eventually graphical capability will reach its peak, and when that happens new consoles wont be required.

    • I remember seeing Donkey Kong Country in ’94 and thinking, whoa that’s photorealistic. We’ve come along way since then and I think there’s still a long ways to go. There will always be tech that will improve how we play games, even if it’s behind-the-scene details like AI and the like. Who knows, we might get a Star Trek-like holodeck eventually. 😛

      • I agree, video games have come a long way and they still have WAY more to go. I remember first seeing Doom and thinking ‘wow, this is it, how could games possibly look any better than this?”

        Gamers will be saying that for decades to come. Eventually we’ll look at games like COD and Halo and marvel at how terrible they look compared to current standards.

    • “the point where eventually graphical capability will reach its peak, and when that happens new consoles wont be required.”

      Only because so many people can only look at games as graphics and nothing else.

      Putting realistic physics and other systems which while not making the graphics look awesome. Can add depth to these games where it wasn’t before.

      Fact is that graphics can always get better. And considering most games use shortcuts to avoid hitting the processing cap as it currently stands(Not 60FPS, Not actually 1080P, Oversized weaponry to avoid rendering large chunks of the screen, bland color palets that allow things to blend into another etc, etc)

    • Wow really? How many have been predicting the end of PC – Wrong
      How many predicting the end of Handhelds thanks to smart phones -Wrong
      How many predicted the end of Nintendo – Wrong

      Now were predicting the end of consoles? What evidence or trends lead you to that conclusion?

    • When you cannot discern reality from fantasy in terms of graphics, when true photorealism is reached and the uncanny valley is transcended and your suspension of disbelief is no longer required because the effects are just that good…

      Thats when there’s no more advancement left.

      • I probably should have phrased myself better. I dont think that there will be an “end” to consoles, I just think that in terms of raw processing capabilities we might finally be reaching an apex. When I said “last generation” I meant as in we will no longer need to buy a new console every 5 or so years in order to make use of more modern technology.

        • FWIW I think the age of 5 years cycles is well and truly dead, the Xbox360 has been going 7 years now, the PS3 and Wii for 6 (the Wii for 11 if you consider the tech is 90% Gamecube)

  • So, does this mean that the PC port is going to be shoddy? Because, logically, shouldn’t the PC version be the best-looking?

  • This is why the game was delayed. It’s going to be a timed exclusive deal with Nintendo to make it look like they have good third party support.

    Seriously, gimmicky motion controls/radar don’t make a good game. Good gameplay does, and unless Nintendo realises this then it’s going to be a repeat of the Wii all over again, a few good core titles but a tonne of terrible terrible kid’s games and ports.

    • Gimmicky motion control? Have you looked at practically everything out on the market (console phones tablets?) It has motion control. You must be blind not to notice this.

      The problem with the Wii is that they wanted developers to use Wiimote and nunchuck. Not all developers wanted to change the games to use it when the other two consoles (ps3 and 360) had the standard dual analogue. Now the Wii U has dual analogue standard and if the rumors are correct the graphical grunt for Full HD and the promise of a better online platform as long as Nintendo deal better with third party developers i dont see why things cant improve with the Wii U. When we have finalized specs and details of the Wii U and the games and how they play THEN we can all pass judgement but it amuses me those that have already condemned it to the Wiis fate when the Wii U has a set of totally different circumstances.

      Firstly Wii U is succeeding the extremely successful Wii. The Wii was succeeding the 3rd place and relatively unsuccessful GameCube

      The Wii U has no known competition. The Wii had 2 other strong competitors in ps3 and 360.

      The Wii U has full hd (apparently) and no competing consoles that can match it. The Wii could not even do HD which the other consoles can.

      The Wii U uses tablet gaming which is increasingly popular thanks to Tablets and the DS. The Wii practically started motion control gaming so it had to start from scratch.

      With the Wii U Nintendo said it will try to focus on the hardcore gamer. The Wii was targeted the Casual gamer, with Nintendo even saying it would be a good console to compliment a ps3 or 360.

      As you can see there are many differences with the Wii U to the Wii. To condemn the Wii U to the same fate with little to no evidence and ignoring those differences is blind fanboyism. If things do play out like were the Wii U ends up like the Wii i will be the first to admit it, but as i said we dont have anything concrete and dont know what Nintendo will be doing besides promising to target hardcore gamers.

      Lets wait till E3 before we pass final judgement.

      • It’s tablet gaming with single touch… And I’m not a fanboy, I’ve got all 3 consoles and the 2 handhelds, and I’ll grab a WiiU if it has some good exclusives. But I’m not sold on it, and making Gearbox delay a game to make it a timed exclusive to WiiU certainly isn’t winning me over.

        • You doomed the Wii U to the same fate as the Wii with little or no evidence or circumstances to back your claim. Im sorry with so many differences between the too consoles it was hard for me not to argue your claim.

          • Three consoles in a row have had basically no third-party support. If that doesn’t constitute evidence that the wii U probably won’t have third-party support, there’s no level of evidence to suffice. Frankly, I’d love to be wrong – a machine with Nintendo’s exclusives and full third-party support is basically all I’ve been dreaming of.

            But I have to ask – what’s changed this time?

          • My thoughts exactly. GC had the best third party support, then Wii kinda lost it, and I haven’t seen anything to convince me that the WiiU won’t do the same, especially with Durango and Orbis right around the corner.

          • The GC has decent third party support – what it didn’t have was PC developers, Microsoft was VERY SUCCESSFUL in getting PC developers to bring their games to Xbox and a lot of them went to PS2 as well. Also Gamecube had most of the big 3rd party franchises bar one: GRAND THEFT AUTO. This game was the biggest game of the last generation and definitely Nintendo’s achillies heel, if I were Reggie Fils Aimee right now I’d be spending every other waking moment wooing Rockstar to the WiiU because they can make or break that console.

          • You cant be serious. The best third party support on the GC? Your joking right. I had a GC and i can tell you right now compared to the xbox and ps2 its third party support was pitiful. not as bad as the Wii but it was weak.

            The third party support was leaving Nintendo since N64 and almost complete left during the Wii. Mainly due to Nintendos handling of third party developers and its own arrogance. I have said before if Nintendo is to make the Wii U a success they need third parties. They managed to get a way with it during the Wii’s generation due to the wow factor of the new motion controls, but they cant rely on that now. Everyone has motion controls and tablet controls arent exactly new (although adding that to a home console game is). What the Wii U needs is games experiences that can only be experienced on the Wii U (not just the best visuals). And not just Nintendo games either. Hardcore games too from third parties. If it doesn’t it could well spell the doom of the Wii U. That i agree. But articles like this and strong talk and rumors (including one from Tomshardware that the Wii U will in fact use Steam, a 6xxx series GPU and 2gbs RAM to boot) has me optimistic about them being serious about the Wii U being for hardcore gamers.

            i wait and hope those recent rumours are true

      • This. It seems the Wii has created this whole new breed of Nintendo pessimists who refuse to believe the company can do anything right. We know so little about the Wii U; there is really no excuse for such negativity.

    • You say terrible gimmiky kids games, but how many consoles have wii sold… put the xbox360 and PS3 totals combines and you still dont match the selling power of Wii… and it still has 90% of gamecube tech… its not about graphics or motion control, its about targeting a specific age demographic and stivking to whats been successful for the brand, you want high end graphics and precision control you by PC, if you want the next best you go PS3 and 360… if you want party fun and mario n all the colors of the rainbow, you go Wii … simple

  • If the Wii-U’s launch titles can surpass PS3 and 360, that bodes well for the system’s power. Obviously, Orbis and DUrango will then eclipse what the WII-U will be able to do, but I’m not particularly fussed about that.
    Give me a Zelda with fantastic, current-gen visuals and a “wow, that’s cool!” use of the tablet and I’m happy.
    On another note I think animation, lighting and AI are the next things which will most benefit from more powerful hardware. Personally I don’t need super-high-resolutions and hardware to support it – just make the background stuff, the stuff which breathes life into the game a boost, and I’ll be happy. Believability comes from more than just realistic textures and huge environments.

    • Yeah, I’m looking forward to the triumphant return of colour to games too. No more brown and gritty grey textures would please me greatly. 😛

  • Im still a little confused with the Wii U

    wont it still be “behined” the next gen?….like the Wii?

    not sure if worth getting..Ive been burned by nintendo once

    • What do you base this on? Who has hard evidence beyond rumors for you to base this on. If you dont have any you should wait till there is concrete evidence. I hate how just because Nintendo decided to concentrate on Motion control instead of Graphics they always were behind graphically when theres is absolutely no evidence that this is what Nintendo always does this (N64 and GC were equal to or better then the competition). I wish this misinformation would quit.

      • I think it’s pretty safe to assume Durango and Orbis will outstrip the Wii-U in terms of power.
        Granted, we don’t know what the controllers for those consoles will be, but with a fair proportion of the Wii-U’s pricing going into the tablet, there has to be compromise somewhere – and that’s most likely going to be the hardware. Nintendo have long since dropped out of the power race; by their own admission, their focus lies elsewhere. It was a smart move and I’m happy to defend them for it. But speaking objectively, I would put money on the fact that Sony and Microsoft’s next consoles will be better, technically, than the Wii-U.
        In fact, I’d put a leg on it.

        • Long since dropped out the power race? N64 was considered more powerful then the ps1. The Gamecube was more powerful than the ps2 and almost as powerful as the original xbox. How did you figure ‘long since’. One generation (The Wii)? please.

          Secondly how will the durango and orbis out strip the Wii U in terms of power in a way that its visually obvious to most people? Can these consoles do greater then 1080p in other words 4000p resolution? I doubt it. Besides there is no monitors/tv with that resolution readily available so its doubtful they would design a console with so much grunt it can appease such a puny market. Secondly they would need something like a Nvidia 690 to be able to display such high resolution and currently there is no way they could cram one if those in a console.

          Where does that leave us? 1080p. Well the Wii U supposedly can do that, so what exactly do the durango or orbis have over the Wii U. Better AA, tessellation effects – yes probably, but still 1080p. So even if it is more powerful then the Wii resolution wise it wont be anything over the Wii U. Sure both durango and orbis will be powerful that i wont deny, however it wont be like the Wii and the ps3 and 360 where it was night and day. The difference will be less obvious, and that will be an advantage for the Wii U were it will have a massive headstart.

          Fair proportion of the Wii U’s price going to the tablet? Ok last i heard only $50 of a supposed $180 price for all the parts was the tablet, thats not even 50%. The last rumor was there is supposed to be something like an AMD 6770 and 2gbs memory (this is a rumor from tomshardware, note that this site did not mention this rumor even though it is alleged the information came from a developer making games for the Wii U) that optimized for console gaming will be more then capable of running 1080p and streaming to the low resolution touch screen on the controller. Again we cant be sure about anything until we have actual Wii U specs, and so far nothing has been confirmed. We can speculate all we want but until there is something concrete nothing we say about its power or price will mean ANYTHING. so lets make that clear

          Again yes both sony and microsofts next console will be more powerful then the Wii U. No one will be stupid enough to bet otherwise, and if you think that i was arguing that point you would be dead wrong. But as i have mentioned many times before, when has being the most powerful console equated to being the top selling console? Lets see Last gen the Wii was No1 was the weakest. The generation before that the ps2 was the No1 selling console but it too wasnt the most powerful console (original xbox was) and before that the ps1 was No.1 yet the N64 was arguably the more powerful. So as i keep mentioning time and time again, why do people harp on about graphics being the sole factor in determining the winner of a generation because there is absolutely no facts or trends that even come close to backing such a statement up.

          Finally we have to look at what making 360 and ps3 such powerful consoles when they launched did to both companies. Both consoles put both gaming divisions is massive debts (ps3 practically wiped out the profit from both ps1 and ps2 and the 360 still has yet to pay off the original xboxs investment) which forced both to talk about 10 year lifecycles and force them to release a mid life motion control to add some impetus. Yet Despite all those effort and massive investment for no real profitability neither company sold the most consoles. I dont know if they want to do that again considering they have no real reason to believe that their next consoles will be guaranteed as the best selling console.

          In other words dont expect an uber console like the ps3 and 360. It was just to expensive (for sony and microsoft), had relatively low profitability and neither console beat the weaker and massively profitably Wii.

          Therefore i can conclude that durango and orbis will be more powerful then the Wii U, but the difference will not be as obvious like the Wii was to the ps3 and 360. However the Wii U’s headstart and the fact that those consoles are likely to have a max resolution of 1080p will diminish their power advantage over the Wii U even though im sure they will technically be more powerful. Finally we have to see their ‘secret weapon’, The Wii U has tablet controller. Kinect and move are out and if they simply release an improved version i dont see it as a ‘must have’ over what is already available. Maybe they have something up their sleave, but until we know there is nothing so far that will give them a significant advantage over the Wii U.

          The Wii U isnt guaranteed success but it has alot of things going for it so far.

          • Shame it’ll flop hard.

            The Wii was casual not-in-competition stuff.

            The WiiU is directly competing for the hardcore market.

            Going to get creamed by decade old consoles.

          • Your a funny guy. You probably used the excuse that the Wii has 10 year old tech will be creamed by the new tech in ps3 and 360 (when the came out). Now your saying 10 year old tech (ps3 and 360) will beat new tech in the Wii U. LOL.

            Youll say anything without substantiating your claims.

          • Wow, what a rant. Did I really annoy you that much?
            So you’re arguing what I said about “long since dropped out of the power race”, then. That’s pretty much indisputable! If we’re talking console life-spans here, we’re actually talking about TWO generations. The current, and the next. Arguing that all three next-gen consoles will be capable of the same quality of visuals “to most people” is ludicrous. I think you’re vastly underestimating “the layman’s” ability to look at an image and critique it. And this discussion isn’t between “most people” – it’s between gamers, and WE know the difference.
            Your point about the resolution cap of 1080p doesn’t add up, either. The best looking FPS on PS2 was Black, and Halo 2 looked better than it. God of War 2 didn’t look as good as Ninja Gaiden. GT4 didn’t look as good as Forza 2. Most people were playing those on a standard definition TV, and there’s a very noticeable difference. Xbox and ‘cube had games which ran in 480p – a distinct leap over 480i. Is it inconceivable that there may be a resolution beyond 1080p which isn’t the standard yet? The next-next-gen of televisions IS coming, and a more powerful console is in a better position to exploit it when they arrive.
            And this is a little more controversial, because DS was conceived and announced before the PSP – but PSP was more powerful, too. Vita is more powerful than 3DS. Nintendo could have upped the power of the 3DS, knowing Sony must have had a PSP2 in the works, but they didn’t. They did enough to display the games they wanted to, and nothing more. Not striving for truly next-gen technology is dropping out of the power race, in my opinion.
            And fair play to them! I love Nintendo! My favourite games of this console generation were on Wii. My favourite console of last generation was the ‘cube. I’ve run down the batteries on two DS Lites while my PSP gathered dust in the wardrobe. I’m really looking forward to the Wii-U! But I can still be objective about it, and your original post seemed to be about lauding the Wii-U’s potential – points which I 100% agree with.
            Is there anything a Wii-U can do which isn’t achievable by linking a Vita with Orbis, or even PS3? It can probably do more, because the Vita is its own beast and the Wii-U’s tablets have to display an image rendered by the console.
            You got caught up with arguing about graphics, not me, and I stand by my original post 100%. Time moves quickly in console-world.

          • +10 Dickhead points right there. You started off with a rational argument. This is tantamount to sticking your fingers in your ears and screaming.

          • excuse me? he isnt even trying to argue he simply making personal attacks. Notice the no reasoning with ‘Nintendo fanboys’ instead of making a point. Is that what constitutes a rational argument? I dont think so. You can save those point for yourself mate you might deserve them more. You can give yourself a million for all i care.

            Look at his comeback – generic and lame ‘im a kid insult’. You know the argument is over when one person degenerates the discussion to this. Im perfectly capable of continuing the argument so long as this person makes a argument and not weak insults.

          • My Main point. There is no correlation between a consoles graphical power and who comes first in a console War. It is a common misconception. Why do people always state – ‘sony or microsoft’s next consoles will beat the Next Nintendo console because they will be more powerful. Im sorry no where in history has there been a direct connection between power and #1 spot. None. Zip. Zilch. So why do people still insist on using this argument?

            A developer is talking about how the Wii U is gonna have the best version of this particular game. Guess what the comments are. The next sony or microsoft console will be better and better graphics blah blah blah. What true gamers should be thrilled that finally Nintendo has put together a console with some grunt that will be better graphically then the consoles before it (Not to mention standard dual analogue controls and a new gaming interface in the touch screen), after all thats why they said the Wii was crap right. Now it has better graphics then the other 2 consoles, and they still have reason to complain.

            You know Nintendo have said they want the Hardcore back, and if anything that should make gamers happy. Well i agree they have damaged their brand thanks to the Wii (in terms of Hardcore gamers) but atleast they have admitted this and are trying to make amends with the Wii U. All im saying is lets hear Nintendo out. Stop speculating that it will be just like the Wii, nothing will change etc, lets see what they have to say & show at E3.


          • I certainly didn’t say that. I argued your dismissal of the fact that Nintendo has bowed out of the race to be the most powerful. And the fact that you’ve completely ignored that in your response shows I argued it successfully.
            For the record, I agree wholeheartedly that more power doesn’t mean an automatic ‘win’.

    • CPU: 45nm. Designed and built by IBM. Power architecture (based on POWER7). Speculation – Quad core.
      GPU: Custom designed AMD Radeon HD. Speculation – Post AMD takeover. Based on R700 series or higher.
      RAM: Speculation – 2GB.

      Prediction – Unless Microsoft opt for an i7 based console (Sony won’t), Nintendo is a strong contender for the technologically superior next gen console.

      • Not really. The R700 architecture is 4 years old at this point, it’s not exactly blow your socks off awesome. It wouldn’t take much to out do that kind of hardware.

  • Can’t wait for the WiiU, actually – finally get to feel that new console experience which I havent felt for years (bar the 360 S upgrade). Though Im more excited about the evolution of Marios, Zeldas, Metroids and whatnot. Fact is, Nintendo make awesome games that are always a breath of fresh air when you’ve had your fill of overly serious games.

      • Other M was a fantastic game. It perfectly extended the action of a 2D Metroid game into 3D space.

        They just happen to have farted a giant steaming turd out and used that for the story aspects of it, which they did while laughing in the face of Fusion and everything it set in place.

  • I appreciate Nintendo product always have. I have to say when I saw the E3 Press Conference live last year I was bitterly disappointed. To me it felt like a huge mistake on Nintendo’s behalf banking on something like this. I have however been slowly changing my mind about the whole concept. I hope this year they actually take the chance they have to be back on top again. To me they need to do the following:

    1. During their announcement I need details on how powerful this things is. No Bulls**t just 2 x a PS3 etc
    2. Who is really making games for this thing. I want to see big names and big publishers on board
    3. I want to see some good demo’s or current titles on show for this thing
    4. I want to see the functionality of using a tablet style controller or just a standard controller if I want to
    5. I want support on-line. I want demo’s, a community of people to play against
    6. I want a resonable price, don’t want it for nothing but it has to hit the sweet spot and not be too expensive
    7. Ideally be able to use multiple tablet controllers if I want to
    8. I want a release date and price
    9. I want a big line-up of release titles that will blow my socks off
    10. I want to see Mario is HD, hell while your at it, HD some of the old titles like Sony are doing!!!

    Nintendo in my eyes have a HUGE opportunity to show yet again why they are the best at what they do. I understand that many people feel they have been “burned” by the Wii, but overall the concept really did a lot for the industry and once again shaped the way we think about gaming. I too have a Wii, 2 in fact which get used occasionally at Parties and the like. Still can’t beat the ease of use and the experience people still have in groups when it is ON and being used.

    I guess we all want something that is flexible, will always play the latest games and whatever resolution we want and be amazing to use, give us the best experience, be a whole media centre and cost virtually nothing. Well in reality you can’t have your cake and eat it too. If Nintendo manage to get the majority of the 10 things on the list above, they may just be able to pullthe rabbit out of the hat again.

    • They’ve said that they’re not going to announce the price or release date at E3. Also I strongly doubt they’ll release the exact specs (and I strongly doubt they’ll blow anyone away). But I agree about the third party and launch titles, hopefully there’ll be a strong line up.

  • Bring.on the Wii U. Im in it for the games, & Nintendo makes the most fun games. I’ll leave all the specs dribble to you guys, coz somebody has to give a damn! And its not the average joe ill tell you that

    • THIS!! I don’t care if it doesn’t have the specs to win a punch on with the PS4 or the XBOX720 as long as the games are fun to play and engaging, its a win for gamers. I have a Wii and a PS3 and my XBOX360 RROD’d so I’m no fanboy (although I feal a bit burned by microsoft and their shoddy build quality). As long as nintendo does what it does best, (make fun games) I’ll be happy.

  • The best looking version?
    If it looks better than the PC version then something is wrong..
    Maybe the best console version?

    • Exactly… misleading title. Should be Best-Looking CONSOLE version. As if it could beat my 3 year old PC. Consoles… meh.

  • I’d heard a rumor that the Wii U is capable of running Unreal’s new engine, so yeah…it may be a rumor but I not going to underestimate this thing.

    But then again, I don’t buy games to look at it. I buy games to play it, graphics are the last thing on my mind.

    Wii U is going to make or break the bond between hardcore gamers and Nintendo.

    Because that’s what they said they’re aim for…right?

    • I was about to write that but you got here first haha, a good read nonetheless.
      I’m excited something new is happening and am already sold !!!

  • I really don’t think nintendo is going to get smashed in graphics this time sorry to let everyone down who hates nintendo and I also think nintendo has to much momentum to lose the next console race just look at the sales of the 3ds and the psp vita, the psp vita is so far behind its unreal and the games on 3ds are really good games for the most part.
    To be honest I really think the wiiu after a bunch of advertising and a price cut or two will sell to all the same people the 360 or ps3 just didn’t appeal to and by the time the other two consoles come out not only will wiiu have millions sold but there will probably be a price cut and a counter price cut every time sony or microsoft does and the 360 discontinued in japan from what I read (IN 2011) and I don’t ever expect microsoft to have any success over there……..
    Everyone already knows my point and in case you don’t my point is since the wiiu will be on the same level graphics wise as the ps4 or 720 its going to get a lot of the same games and since the online is being taken so much more seriously its going to get people just coming of ps3 and 360 plus a lot of the casual people probably the majority of young kids and more females just like the wii did and it will all lead up to getting just as good third party support give or take a few titles……..

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