German Court Orders Microsoft To Stop Selling Xbox 360s

German Court Orders Microsoft To Stop Selling Xbox 360s

A Mannheim court ruled today that Microsoft can no longer sell its Xbox 360 and Windows 7 operating systems in Germany. According to the German judge, this is because Microsoft infringed upon a Motorola patent while using certain video compression software.

But! A U.S. court has granted Microsoft a preliminary injunction while it appeals this decision, so Motorola can’t enforce the German court order just yet. Xbox 360s will still be sold in Germany. For now. Let the Patent Wars begin.

German court rules against Microsoft in Motorola patent fight [Reuters]


  • Wow my sympathy to the German Gamers if this does happen. It’s sad that one company has a fallout with another and everyone else has to suffer.

  • How ridiculous that a US court would enjoin Motorola from enforcing a legally binding decision in a country where the US court has no jurisdiction. It’s only that Motorola has US interests, which makes it undesirable to disobey the US court. Otherwise, MS would be screwed.

    • The US govt. has done that a lot. They also have laws that try to enforce their boycott of Cuba onto other countries (it works by trying to prohibit foreign companies that do business in Cuba from doing business in the US), the EU responded by making a proclamation prohibiting that law from being enforced in the EU, the US gave up on enforcing it quickly as they probably realized that it wouldn’t stand up if challenged in court, and if it did, would potentially allow other countries to have their own laws enforced in the US if their companies trade in both countries.

      So yeah, the US does these kinds of judgements which they techinicaly have no right to enforce all the time, they just need to threaten the US arms of companies involved into complying with judgement made in the US regarding legal proceedings in other countries.

  • WTF?? Decisions by German courts on actions in Germany can’t be enforced if a US court hands down a different decision??

    If I was a German citizen I’d be seriously concerned as to just HOW the US has this sort of power over their court system.

  • I made a joke a while ago about Motorolla stopping sales of 360s in a bid to sound silly. Turned out to be prophetic. I understand Motorolla ma have cause for a patent suit but shouldn’t this suit been raised when the 360 was first released? Or when WIndows 7 was first released?

  • its called the Amaerican 1st Armoured division thats still parked in berlin im afraid, and the fact that the US is “the worlds police” *cough Bulls!@#*

  • Hope Motorola wins. That’s what you get Microsoft. Motorola is being taken over by Google. This was not only to take over a company that makes Android phones (which as everyone knows is Google’s own phone Operating System). The problem with Android is that it has to pay around 50% of the profits it earns to Microsoft for patents used in Android phones, which is a massive sum of money. So now if Motorola wins with this they can force Microsoft to pay for patents they used or stop selling devices or software with the technology in question. All i can say is suck in microsoft.

    Go Motorola and go Google on this one

    • I forgot to mention that Google is not just to take over Motorola because they make the phones its also to own the many patents Motorola has. whoops

      • Its called Karma and ain’t she a b!tch.

        You know what i didn’t care the microsoft was taking half the profits from google for selling the android OS. That’s life, that’s the law. But now Google can hit back at them with their own patent s well don’t f’n expect any sympathy. Like i said Karma’s a b!tch

        Completely logical mate

        • The comments i made are for all the xbox fans thinking this type of patent lawsuit isn’t fair and what Motorola (and google) is doing is wrong, well sorry in ain’t as simple as it sounds and if it was just Motorola trying to get some patent money from microsoft i would be one to agree that its wrong but its not. There are other issues at play. The article didn’t mention them so i felt it was only fair to see the flip side of the story. Its not right for it to claim microsoft is the victim when microsoft itself is gouging patent licencing fees itself. Now its come to bite them in the a$$ and all i can say is sucked in. You started it. You reap what you sow.

          Its only fair to hear both sides of the story.

    • 50% of the profits?? Are you insane.. They have worked it out to be like $10-15 a device for the liscencing fees on them.. if thats 50% profit why the hell would you want to make mobile devices? You do realize these devices get made for like $100-$200 and then sell for $400-500+?? You know the android liscencing fees on each device is well over that?

      Get off your fanboy shoebox.. MS even has liscences out there for its devices to use software and hardware it also needs.

      • I apologise i read it wrong, its more then 50% of all android phones not 50% of all android profits. However thats still a hefty sum considering how many Android Devices are sold. So i say its only fair if Microsoft can charge for patents so can Google, which is exactly what they are doing through Motorola.

        i aint on any fanboy shoe box, i was merely pointing out the reason why Motorola is doing it (ie because of Google). Im sure because the article doesnt mention it there will be gamers that think what Motorola/Google is doing wrong, its not. They are well within their rights to sue for patents and collect licensing fees off Microsoft so much and microsoft collects from Google.

        So if there are patents the xbox or windows 7 infringes on, pay them. Problem solved. Just as android phones cant be sold if those licensing fees werent payed, so 360s and possibily win7 cant be sold as long as those licensing fees in particular have not been paid. How is that not an unreasonable stance?

      • BTW you do realize microsoft earn more off of Android sales then they do off their very own Windows Phone? Shows how much money they earn off those patents and licensing fees.

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