Ghost Recon Future Soldier Gets Its Own Live-Action Mini-Movie This Week

Halo 4's not the only AAA game with a real-life movie lead-in. Ubisoft's just announced that their near-future squad shooter will be preceded by Ghost Recon Alpha, a 26-minute live-action film that will air on G4.

There's a multiplayer map based the locales in the film and scenes in the film will lead up to events in the game, too. For players who really want the best in-game gear, Alpha will also have a secret code hidden inside it that you can use to unlock a special weapon in Future Soldier. So, if you want to rule the leaderboards, you better set your DVRs for G4 on Thursday, May 3, at 6.30pm.


    Was wondering about the status of this film since last year.

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