Ghost Recon Isn't Even Out And It's Already Announcing DLC

Ghost Recon: Future Soldier hits shelves on May 22, a week from Tuesday, but Ubisoft is already letting everyone know about extra stuff they can buy later on this year. Specifically, the "Arctic Strike Map Pack," coming your way July 3 for $US10.

The pack includes new maps, a new multiplayer mode, weapons "to give you the supreme edge over your enemies," and a co-op map for Guerilla Mode.

Hard not to see this as Ubisoft seeing the stink over day-one DLC for Mass Effect 3 and just deciding to wait a couple of weeks. I guess it could be fig-leafed as "developed separately but concurrently" or whatever, but if they're this certain of what it's going to offer 10 days before the main game shows up, sounds like it's already baked. It'll run $US9.99 or 800 Microsoft Points, depending on what currency your console uses.


    what game doesn't do this these days?!
    I was considering the Rockstar pass for Max Payne 3, but its $50 aussie dollars! Aaarrgghhh!!

    Why are the 'R's backwards?

      Because the Ghosts are fighting BACK the enemies that perpetrate... whatever in the arctic. READY for RETRIBUTION.

      BACK+ READY+ RETRIBUTION = 2 Backwards R's.

      Join me next week where I explain the '4' in 'FE4R'

      Because it's Russian. We only think it's R because we are elitist English dogs. Я is pronounced "ya", so it's not Arctic Strike, it's Ayactic Styaike. This is also a Russian phrase, it means "milking money" which is what they're doing when they produce day 1 DLC.

    Yeah! I've been waiting for more content to play the game with!

    When will they learn?

    I was 50-50 about getting this game, now there's no chance in hell. How much profit from DLC did I just wipe out?

    I don't buy guys with DLC, suggest you do the same.


        So you haven't bought any games/guys in a while then.

    I don't have a lot to say about DLC's. Maybe they extras just weren't in the original project. (not talking about day 1 DLCs) A game project can probably be set with features and the DLCs which they announce before the game comes out might be "stuff" some of the dev teams are working on whilst the main project is being finished up. They could decide to include the DLCs in the game which might in turn cause a delay in release.

    Then again, I said I don't know about the game industry and maybe it works completely different.

    Welp there's another game off the list of possible purchases. Nice one Ubi$oft.

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