Giant Mecha Make The Best Models

At the recent Shizuoka Hobby Show, there was a plethora of plastic on display. The standouts? Why, the giant mecha models were — as usual — just wonderful.

In particular, the dioramas looked creative and great. The customised Gundam mobile suits were clever, too. Japanese website Asagawo Blog was on have for the event. Check out its photos in the above gallery.

-モデラーズ作品 ロボット系-,">-モデラーズ作品 ガンダム系 その4-, ,a href="">-モデラーズ作品 ガンダム系 その3-, -モデラーズ作品 ガンダム系 その2-, -モデラーズ作品 ガンダム系 その1- [アサガヲBlog]


    I dont really dig on the whole Mech thing so maybe I'm biased, but none of the work here wasn't that good.
    The painting was meh and the dioramas were staid and lacked any real dynamism.

    Sailor Moon gundamsssss! Why can't they be a real thingggg. I love the things people customize the Nobell Gundam into.

      Oh , and the 7-11 Gundam in the first pic? It's a real release, I picked one up too. They also did Char's Zaku and Bear Guy in 7-11 colours. Oh Japan, never stop being wacky.

    The only cool mobile suit was always the Tallgeese. The Leos and five Gundams are cheap inferior pieces of engineering...

    The Macross Mecha made my day. Love every part of Macross.

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