Go 'Behind The Wall' On The Seven-Year Effort To Make A Game Of Thrones Video Game

When Cyanide Studio began working with George R R Martin on adapting a role-playing game from his fantasy series, A Song of Ice and Fire, the Game of Thrones television series was "only a rumour." That was seven years ago.

Certainly, the fact Game of Thrones has become such a mainstream sensation helped speed things along. But Cyanide wants you to know this isn't something getting slapped together and shovelled out the door just because everyone's talking about the TV series.

They created their own environments and characters, reasoning that to simply adapt everything Martin had already written would leave no surprises, "as fans already know how it ends." Obviously that means this video game will differ materially from the television series, too.

This four-minute video details how Cyanide worked with Martin to develop the game, and it is loaded with in-game footage and scenery. And for those who can't make out the English in a French accent, Cyanide has politely included subtitles.

Game of Thrones: The Game Trailer [Blue's News]


    Oh wow, I really thought this was spawned from the shows success. Definatly getting it now.

      I thought that too! I'm glad they told us or I would have assumed it was some garbage tie in game.

    That does look really good, nice that the timing has come together so (what what looks like it could be) a good game gets more attention. It reminds me a lot so far of the Witcher 2, thats a very good thing.


    Good terrible translations of their english.. haha looks good apart from that

    I've not watched the series (yeah I know... only person who hasn't?) but do enjoy a *good* fantasy RPG. This I assumed was some tacky tie in but watching this vid has me nearly convinced to buy it now.

      i have not watched the series either, seen little bits on the tv as i have passed through the lounge, loved the books though.
      I can almost never bring myself to watch a tv adaptation of a series of books i have enjoyed.

    Are you kidding me? Why are people speaking the English language being subtitled? For the American viewers I suspect.

      Well to be honest some words are pretty hard to understand, especially towards the end.

      About the game, the two heroes to choose from look boring. We won't know if the game will be good or not until we play it, but this video certainly make it look utterly boring.

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