Gorgeous New Crysis 3 Screens Show Off Destroyed New York

Check out these beautiful new pictures and concept art for Crysis 3, the shooter that will be released next year for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC.


    Is it just me, or does it look like he's had one too many hamburgers in the fourth pic? :P

      It's not just you, they tried to do some weird perspective pose and he looks like a fatty. I've always preferred more lithe power suits,, but the nano suit is still pretty kick-ass, even though it has gained a few pounds since Crysis 1.

      lol nop not just you!

    This is what crysis 2 should have been

    That reminds me! I need to finish Ensalved

    I'm still sad that the design of the aliens changed from Crysis 1. Even if I ignore all the other changes (setting, scale, story etc), the fact that the aliens went under sucha drastic change for seemingly no reason just ruins the whole thing for me. I can't see Crysis 2 as a sequel because it was so detached from the original and I don't think I will be interested in Crysis 3 (regardless of how cool the screen shots above look) because of the other changes made to gameplay, vehicles, scale etc.

    That's a very bad position for an archer. The back hand should be anchored underneath the chin, for a consistently repeatable action. Unless that visor has some sort of augmented reality system, which can analyse the vector and destination of the arrow, I'd say the enemy is pretty safe.

      This just in, video games stylize shit.

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