Grab A Drink, Light A Smoke, And Watch The Max Payne 3 Launch Trailer

Max Payne is so very emo. Or is that noir? Is noir just emo with more smoking, drinking, and guns? The answers to these questions and more will probably not be revealed on May 15. I'll be too busy playing Max Payne 3 anyway.

Well, in all honesty I'll be playing Diablo III, but should I have enough time to take a little break from that, Max Payne 3 will certainly get a little play. I'd love to give the multiplayer a go, and I never pass up a chance to play a bald man in a bad shirt; you could say I relate.

Besides, I've already put down $10 on it at GameStop for some reason, and it's not like they'll just give that back without a fight.


    Only five more days until it's out!

    Max Payne 3 looks great too by the way.

      Does the multiplayer interest you? If so, have you joined a Crew yet, McGarnical?

        It does interest me, but I am worried I won't have the time to get into it. I loved Gears 3's for example, but I've played it all up for about four hours.

          I hear ya man. No time at all on my end either.

          It's probably take me a month to just play the SP.

      :( 3 Weeks for me. Ah well, that gives me time run through the first two games again for the 100th time. Roll on June 2nd. :D

    The Max Payne theme... you had to punch me right in the emotions, didn't you Rockstar?

    Kotaku says keep smoking kids

    why does it have to come out the same week as diablo 3 why!!!!

    I haven't seen any videos relating to Max Payne 3 but judging from the stills and advertising, it doesn't look very Max Payne like... It looks like a really generic shooter to be honest. Does the third game still have any of the noir elements that made the first two games outstanding?

    if the console version looks any good alot of people will probably start pre-ordering the pc version, thats what i'm gonna do

    Calling deep depression brought on by the death of his friends and family "emo" is pretty damn lame.

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