Great Moments In Video Game Humour: Space Quest IV… Or XII… Possibly X

Great Moments In Video Game Humour: Space Quest IV… Or XII… Possibly X

What’s so great about Two Guys from Andromeda getting together to make a new game? For the answer, let’s look at the classic adventure Space Quest IV: Roger Wilco and the Time Rippers, an adventure so epic it spans at least three different games.

After ripping science fiction a new laugh-hole through three amazing Space Quest adventure titles for Sierra Online, Mark Crowe and Scott Murphy took on one of sci-fi’s most confusing elements: time travel. They did this by warping the slightly-heroic space janitor that just wants to keep the galaxy clean.

The entire game is one hilarious moment after another, aided greatly by Laugh-In‘s Gary Owen’s on narration duty in the CD-rom version of the game. But by far the funniest moment of the entire series is realising that the top of the screen features an entirely different game name. That alone is worth helping Two Guys from Andromeda make a new game.

Memorable Moments and Lines from Space Quest 4 [YouTube]


  • These games bring back so many memories. Monkey island, day of the tentacle, space quest, kings quest, Gabriel knight and quest for glory. Hanging out for these games were awesome.

  • So, who else didn’t get the Duracell Bunny at the beginning and had to restart the game from scratch to finish it?

  • I may have to pull out the whole’Serria Collection: Space Quest” box i have and reload it, damn good memories, i remeber Space Quest 1 (EGA version) was the very first PC game i played.

  • Man.. great memories. SQ1 was the 2nd game I ever played, on a friend’s computer right after playing Prince of Persia.

    Unfortunately by the time I had access to my own computer and could actually try to play through it I’d experienced the Lucas games and couldn’t stand the cheap deaths and walking dead situations of Sierra games. So the only Quest game I’ve actually completed is KQVII, which is at least always completable and lets you click “try again”.

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