Halo 4 Action Figure Package Reveals New Enemy Types

Now that it's being made by 343 Industries, we've been told to expect a lot of new stuff. And we've seen new multiplayer models and new looks for Cortana and Master Chief. So, Halo 4's not going to be the same old sci-fi first-person-shooter.

Info about the new enemies has been tightly guarded but two types of Halo 4 bad guy have been spotted on the back of McFarlane Toys' packaging. The blister card says that Crawler and Watcher figures are "coming soon". Hopefully, we'll get a look at these alien antagonists in digital form at E3.

Two new Halo 4 enemies 'Crawler and Watcher' unveiled [All Games Beta, via Game Informer]


    they look strange to me hope they dont look strange when game comes out i want some goood halo MP reach mp didnt last but was still fun.

      Reach MP only didn't last because everybody was trying to alter the settings to make it like Halo3 instead of a good Reach game.

      The new bad guys look weird though because they'll be from the forerunner planet and not even from a species we've seen before. I'm excited :)

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