Has Blockbuster Leaked The Wii U's Launch Line-Up?

Retail video game listings are a tricky business. Sometimes they can be trusted, but most of the time they're full of speculative nonsense — particularly when it comes to pricing. But something is telling me that this below list of Wii U launch games, leaked by Blockbuster in the UK, may be the real deal.

As reported by GoNintendo, a anonymous employee sent a list of launch titles for the Wii U — some have already been confirmed, others are new. The list is as follows...

- Aliens Colonial Marines - Assassin' Creed 3 - Batman Arkham City - Darksiders II - DiRT 3 - Formula 1 All-Stars - Ghost Recon Online - Just Dance 4 - Killer Freaks From Outer Space - Marvel Super Heroes - Metro Last Light - Monsters Party - NEW Super Mario Bros. Wii - Ninja Gaiden III - Pikmin - Rabbids Party Land - Raving Rabbids - Rayman Legends - Shield Pose - Splinter Cell - Sports Connection - Tekken - Your Shape 2013 - Zombie

I could be wrong, but my guess is there's a whole lot of truth in this launch list. Plenty seems to ring true — Darksiders II being released on the Wii, Batman: Arkham City.

In addition, there are a lot of Ubisoft titles in this line-up, and if there's one thing Ubisoft has done successfully in the past, it's support new hardware. It's been a successful strategy for them in the past, and I've heard multiple folks from Ubi claim it's a strategy it would maintain for future launches.

Of course, it is merely a retailer list, so it's hardly confirmation...

RUMOR - Blockbuster UK lists multiple Wii U games (Splinter Cell, Rabbids and more) [GoNintendo]

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    Holy shit, that's one hell of a line up!

    Apart from Pikmin III (which doesn't justify buying a new console for), there's not a lot on here that I'm even remotely interested in, especially considering most of these things are multiplatform.

    I'm still not sold on the controller either. I like the idea of the screen, but it's single touch so games like fruit ninja won't work, and instead of thumbsticks it has 2 circle pads, and they're fine and all but they're way too slippy, especially when you'll be swapping between the right thumb circle and the buttons, it'll get annoying fast.

    Let's hope Nintendo comes up with either some new games or a bargain price, because this thing might be dead in the water.

      I personally would buy the wii u just for pikmin 3 XD

        Same here, I am totally pumped for some more Pikmin action

    It'll be interesting to see how many of those are multiplatform, and if there's any "differences". Hope there aren't.

      There will DEFINITELY be minor stuff, like the touch pad controls and that silly scanning thing from the new Rayman. And I imagine Darkstalkers II and Batman will contain all the DLC. But that will probably be it, there might be a few new missions here and there but nothing to justify the purchase if you have a PS3/360 already.

        Good point.

        I was more leaning towards hoping there wouldn't be sacrifices made to make it work on the WiiU. For example, Marvel Ultimate Alliance was, in my opinion, absolutely destroyed on Wii vs the Xbox version. Wagglin' and Wii-general compromises significantly negatively impacted my enjoyment of the game on that platform.

        I'd hope that other "must include" differences like scanning, second screen use, etc, are all additive, rather than negative or "meh".

          The PS3 had sixaxis for dodging. It was a nightmare. You'd hit dodge and you'd roll in whatever direction the controller was titled, and half the time that'd be into an enemy or off a ledge.

    I can't wait for Metro Last light. I still want to play Metro 2033.

      An highly underated game - absolutely awesome in my opinion. Has a unique feel to it that other FPS just don't have.

        Agreed. I thought people slept on Metro 2033.

        @masha2932 - If you use Steam, keep an eye out for a Metro 2033 deal. I think they come around every so often.

    List is half good guessing and half just throwing everything Wii U on one list.

    Most of the big name titles won't be out for Day 1, they'll stagger them a little. That's of course unless Nintendo launch in December then we'll see everything. One or two games will of course slip into 2013.

      Agreed - even if it's completely legit, this is probably just the list of known games that Blockbuster is willing to take preorders for. No guarantee that they're on launch day/week/year, just that the publisher has confirmed their intent to release it on Wii U at some point.

    If I were to guess, thats more likely the release list of christmas 2012 - mid 2013.

    Seems like a pretty lackluster launch lineup. The only thing that get people even remotely excited is Pikmin, but even it isn't THAT huge a title. It's really missing that killer app that makes you want to buy it.

    Formula one all stars? I hope it's still a serious formula one game. Seems credible though. GoNintendo has run a few stories about an unannounced racing game for wii u that sebastian vettel has done some advertising for.

    What shocks me most is that ancient system their running. Makes me nostalgic just looking at it. Excuse me while I go play some battle chess.

    OMG THERE'S......... Absolutely nothing on that list that I want to play

    It's "NEW Super Mario Bros. Mii" btw, not Wii.

    Reflecting the fact that you can play the game using your Mii while wearing Mario overalls.

    For a second I thought this was a picture of the Wii's launch lineup. High levels of deja vu here.

    Looking pretty sparse though. And what the hell is NSMBWii doing there? At first I thought it said Mii, and if that were the case then I probably would have had to flip a table and walk off.

    Nothing surprising or too interesting. Iwata

    Nothing surprising or too interesting. Iwata did mention there won't be too many games at launch...not sure where I read it. Probably rely on a pack in WiiU title to be the main draw like WiiSports

    It would be a good line up if most of those games weren't available on other consoles. Very surprising not to see ports of Capcom games on the list too. I'd have expected UMvC3, SSF4, Dragon's Dogma and maybe even RE5:GE given how eager Capcom usually is to have their titles on as many platforms as possible.

    aw, nothing I want. And i got super excited for a second when I read "Metroid" Last light instead of metro Is it that hard to launch with a good JRPG in there somewhere?

    That isnt a launch lineup you fool. I have the same list on my computer for preorders. It hardly means its solid evidence they are launch titles. Get your facts straight before posting annoying speculative rumours

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