Have A Good Time With Pikachu's... Um... Yeah

Poor Pikachu! If it's not inflatable Pikachus that are totally inappropriate, it's stuff like this.

This is some sort of Chinese drink container, featuring a phony Pikachu, a straw and an invitation to have a really good time. So, you do that — have a good time!

同桌的早点 [TT.Mop via はちま起稿]


    A+++ article

    More importantly, what the hell is the pink thing behind him?

      It's Ditto!

        The straw "member" is not Pikachu's. He has been impaled through the crotch from beind. Seems oddly happy about it too.

      It's just the shadow, and they probably decided to use pink so that they could save money by using one less colour. Probably should have designed the image to work with black as a shadow colour.

        Also, there's a bit of the background between the ear and tail they forgot to cut out :P

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