Help Me Kotaku! You're My Only Hope

Remember that Xbox competition? The one where Microsoft is sending someone overseas to cover E3? It's called the 'Xbox Insider' competition and, believe it or not, one of our regular Kotaku commenters — Hermes and Thoth — is in the running! He's made it to the final five and I thought, 'why not help the guy out by posting his entry on the site, and encouraging his fellow Kotaku readers to vote for him?' His video is actually good, and I think he would do an awesome job!

Just a bit of context — the 'Xbox Insider' is a competition where the winner gets sent overseas to cover E3, interview people, check out new games, etc.

Hermes and Thoth has entered his video, and made it to the final five — but he's also made a separate video, specifically for Kotaku readers, to encourage you guys and girls to help out and vote.

A message from Hermes and Thoth himself...

So I have come here asking for your help. I’d love for you to go and watch that video on your dash and vote for me to go to E3. Even more than that though, I would just like you to go look at the Top 5 and have a say as to who you think should go. I realise this tactic may work against me and some of the other entrants may benefit from me drawing attention to the competition in a community such as this, but no matter. I would prefer a ton of votes get registered and lose than a few getting registered and I win. It’s not fun if 100 votes are all that gets to decide the winner, but 10,000 or so votes means it’s actually based on the community, rather than someone spamming new xbox accounts to win. A good cross section of the community, rather than a minority.

Aside from winning being absolutely incredible, I think it only fair that if you do vote for me I give you something in return. Whatever could that be? I do not know. Would you like me to track down a certain game at E3? Ask some tough questions of a publisher or developer? Do you want me to chug a beer and throw up on Shigeru Miyamoto to see how long I last? Do you want me to throttle Ken Levine for delaying Bioshock Infinite? Would you like me to cosplay as Tifa? I mean, all these things are possible. All these things are achievable and worthy causes (except maybe the miyamoto thing… achievable, yes. Worthy… not so much)

So if you do go to your dash and vote for me, let me know and perhaps even suggest some cool things you’d like to see reported from E3. Make it unconventional, make it different. If I win, consider this a partnership and I will write a few features for you TAY guys and girls. I know TAY is one of the best places for reading such things because I often find myself doing that during an average work day and perhaps it’s about time I gave as good as I get.

So, if you're on your Xbox 360 tonight, and you can find the Xbox Insider vids on the dashboard, go and have a look and vote!


    There is no words for how appreciative I am of you and the Kotaku community, Mark. This is actually so awesome.

      Holy S&*^ I had no idea.. congrats man, so happy for you. I will vote and stuff mate, all the best.

    You have my sword!
    well... you have my vote at least. unless you need a sword at E3, then I'll see what I can arrange.
    aaanyway... good luck man :)

      Thanks dude. Seriously if you have a sword that will sort out the crowds quick smart.
      I'll be in touch.

      ...and my axe.

      But only for Tifa cosplay. Oh, and because you're kind of easy on the eyes and I am a very shallow person. :P

        I was honestly just waiting for your comments Strange. I have been patiently waiting all day. Thanks so much. Tifa Cosplay is a definite, I've noted it now. If I get to go, I am Tifa Cosplaying on the plane dammit. (Also, make sure you use all accounts if you have more than one and if you want add hermesandthoth to your friends list!)

    I wish, I wish, my 360 was net capable. Any way to do it through the Xbox Live website at all?

      Unfortunately not brother, I think it is a way for the Xbox people to keep it all in check - you know how these things often get hijacked and votes pile in for someone no one's actually voting for like its the 2004 US presidential election.

      This is me also.

      Especially since H&T proved such a worthy opponent back in the Rage competition :P Would love to help put him through.

    You have my vote, but only because you're cute.

    Is that how you pronounce Serrels? I've been mentally saying "Sir-rals"...

    Good luck, buddy!

      God damn, dont tell me I pronounced it wrong. Thanks D.C.!

        I've got no idea if I'm saying it wrong, though, so don't take my word on it, man. Just voted for you.

    Just voted from the Allure account, I'll vote again when I get home :)

      Ben White versus Jack Black.
      It's a picture I am drawing for you as a result of you voting for me. It will probably suck, but I have to thank you somehow.

      Did you show the video to the Sugar girls? If any of them have Xboxes or family/partners with Xboxes they might vote for him because they like pretty things....

    Will get around to voting once my work is done for the day. Best of luck! The mental image of someone throwing up on Miyamoto, however disgusting it may be, is totally worth a vote!

      Dude, if I only get one vote from a guy with Pants in his name, I wanted it to be you.

    I shall indeed put my vote in.
    If you win I think you should bring your post it notes and a pen and get the signature of everyone you meet, no matter how briefly. And I dunno, make a flip book out of them or something.
    Though that could be a lot of effort.

      It's an idea though. I will definitely take a post it notepad and a pen for this reason then, if I get that opportunity. Minimal effort really! Much easier than getting a 100 photos or getting Cliffy B to chug a beer, I am sure.

    Looks legit.
    I'll vote tonight :)

      One of the KotakAU heavyweights, PuppyLicks. Thanks brother.

        Heavyweights? Naw I'm just some dude who should be working ;P
        More than happy to help though :)

    Would if I had an Xbox mate

    Good luck and have fun if you win

      Thanks buddy!

      Yeah, it makes it a bit difficult to vote if you dont have an xbox but thanks for the consideration anyway!

    If mine didn't have connectivity issues, for sure a fellow KotakAU-er would get my vote. More so since reading this story.
    Are you *absolutely* sure that browser-based voting isn't possible?

      In the terms and conditions it directly states that only xbox live silver and gold account votes will be counted. Thanks for considering it though all the same. If browser-based voting was possible I think that you guys would have broken their server by now anyway. Your response is so touching.


    I'm seriously impressed by your steadfast refusal to let a comment in this thread go unanswered.
    Was going to vote for you anyway when I get home, but this makes me want to even more ^_^

      This community is one of the best on the internet. It's literally in built into the way I start my day. Iced Coffee, Laptop open, Kotaku homepage, TAY catching up. Cheers Cracks, its much appreciated.

    Sorry.. fanmily member of a Microsoft employee.. can not vote.

      No need to be sorry brother! I assume the comment means you would have voted for me and thus, let us share a beer anyway. Not actually share one, but like, get one each.
      Ya know?
      Man, this got awkward.

    As someone who's met this fella in the flesh, I assure you he's a man of his word. Have never played my 360 online, but tonight, I plug a cable in to my white DVD player and vote. God speed sir....

    Also.... He's waayyyyy more handsome in real life.

      Haha, the amount of awesome your fingertips provides sir, so great!
      Thanks brother.

    Can you ask Miyamoto if it ever bugs him that Nintendo has a reputation for innovative hardware, but consistantly uses it to rehash the same few software titles.
    Also, is there a corrolation to be drawn between Nintendos notrious historical lack of 3rd party support and it's poor online systems.

    Better idea... everytime somone says the word 'visceral' in terms of gameplay, could you hit them and say: "Visceral means intestinal... stop using words you don't know!"

    Actually... just punch Notch.

      I have noted all these things and will endeavour to make them a reality.

      Even better, a FILMED reality. My god. Watch Notch jiggle with each punch!

      You are incorrect Mr. James Mac The Original: . Although I would like it to be meaning innards just once when someone says it.
      I do like your idea of hitting people,too. But we don't want Mr HermesAndThoth damaged in any way. So I guess just punching Notch would be safe. :P

        I learn't it as: of or relating to the viscera.

        I refuse to believe a bunch of celibate alcoholic monks didn't know the language they were teaching.

    I voted cause he's cute.

    I didn't even know there was a competition to go to E3, I kinda wish I entered now... would be so awesome to go.

      I applaud you because that's sweet of you.

      If I could fit people in hand luggage, half of KotakAU would be coming with!

    Noted and voted!

    Find Keith Apicary! (or he may find you, haha)

      Champion. Thanks a ton for this brother, it is really, truly appreciated.

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