Helpful Tips For Surviving The Impending Robot Apocalypse

As much as I'd like them to, zombies do not exist, but there is another relentless force that with little prompting could one day attempt to subjugate the human race: Robots. Thankfully we have men like "Robopocalypse" author Daniel H. Wilson on our side.

The folks at Epipheo Studios teamed up with Wilson to create this animated instructional video for surviving the rise of the machines. The tips range from common sense (do not punch a robot) to the more technical (go for the giant robot's leg joints).

The only problem I see here is the assumption that humans would be safe in the water. Hello, robot crabs? I'm grabbing a copy of the book anyway, but come on.

How To Survive A Robot Uprising (aka Robopocalypse) [YouTube]


    I'm sorry Mike, I'd get involved in the Robot apocalypse, but being Australian, you know, we wouldn't be involved, we just think we would be...

    Robots do not have to be self-aware to be able to eliminate humanity. All it would take is an adjustment to programming.

    On a more realistic note, you'd be more justified fearing a human apocalypse.

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