Here Is Baseball's Most Frightening Play, As Seen In MLB 12 The Show

There's a reason coaches throw batting practice behind a screen: As the pitcher, you are first in line against a cannon firing a shell weighing about one-third of a pound, at nearly 160km/h. Ask Herb Score, the bullet line-drive back up the middle has ended and severely altered some promising careers. A line drive killed first-base coach Mike Coolbaugh, and that's the reason all base coaches now wear helmets — as they do in MLB The Show.

On a hot July night in Rochester (actually a cool May evening in Eugene, Oregon) Trevor Plouffe slammed my 0-1 screwball back into my right orbital socket. I recoiled in real-time horror. It was literally cringe-inducing. I have never seen this in MLB The Show in my life, and I screamed as my pitcher fell on the mound, twitching. Plouffe reached first on the base hit off of my face.

Not shown here, because I didn't have the capture software running at the time, is the post-play animation. As much as I wanted to see panicked trainers and dugout personnel running to my motionless body, maybe jamming a towel into my broken and bleeding face, that didn't happen. I was helped up and I shook my head as Matt Vasgersian and Dave Campbell commented generically on my injury. I get the feeling The Show wants to include this type of play for verisimilitude, but doesn't deliver the actual outcome either because Major League Baseball doesn't want to see it in a game, or it would rate a violent content descriptor in the ESRB rating.

This occurred in the second inning. Incredibly, I shook it off and induced the next batter in to a 5-4-3 double play, then threw another four shutout innings, striking out seven. I scattered — if that's the correct term — 13 baserunners over six innings and still got the victory. The Rochester Red Wings are terrible, but they hit hard. Only my head is harder.

If the worst outcome of this is that my WHIP ballooned from 1.09 to 1.22, instead of the right side of my face, I'll take it.


    Countdown to shit storm about a baseball article being on Kotaku AU beginning in

    WHY THE FUCK IS THERE A BASEBALL ARTICLE ON KOTAKU AU!!!!!! This is a gaming news website not some tarty sports illustrated bullshit. I thought we were classy folk around here! I stand and leave, appalled and disgusted.

      ....because it's a videogame. A sports videogame, to do with baseball, specifically.
      Such things exist, you know.
      Even though it's rare that I say this about the US articles, this one was quite a good read.

        Ah, I think he was responding to my comment Crazyguy. There was an article posted a few weeks back (which for the life of me I cannot find) that kicked up a massive stink about a baseball game being posted on Kotaku AU

          What's the big stink about baseball?
          Aussie's play it too, y'know, and so do Japan , and Cuba, and other countries....

            Apparently it doesn't belong on the AU site.

            I'm not one of those who thinks it shouldn't be by the way. There are plenty of articles on this site that don't interest me, but that doesn't me they're irrelevant. Just because I don't care doesn't mean there are people out there who do.

              No worries. :)
              It wasn't a dig at you, mate.
              You know I love you. (In a bro way, of course.)

    i hope im not ignoring some kind of sarcasm or something here.... but you guys know this IS actually a game right?

      How dare you insult videogames!

      But really, I'm sure it was a good article, but the sheer amount of jargon seemed as if it would gel far more with a sports player, than a gamer (though understandably the target audience is likely an amalgam of the two).

    It may surprise some of you, but it is possible to enjoy both sports and games. Even more surprisingly, some evil geniuses out there actually release "sports games" that appeal to those who enjoy sports and games.

    It's true!

    Eh, I live in Australia and I've been playing baseball for around 16 years. Being a pitcher for the majority of it.

    The video made me cringe despite it only being a video game. I know first hand what it's like to have the ball drilled straight back at you and having zero chance of getting out of the way. My uniform number is 53 as well @[email protected]

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