Here's How To Make The Professor Layton Soundtrack Much Better

The Professor Layton games have long demanded a soundtrack a bit more sophisticated than the one they have — the plinky, "ooh boy, we have a mystery!" music is fine at first, but eventually I've found that it begins to grate. This is especially true of the first game that I played in the series, 2008's Professor Layton and the Curios Village.

Thanks then, to the folks at Gamological Society, who have reimagined that game with an entirely different soundtrack — the French composer Yann Tierson.

Gotta admit — this sounds utterly lovely. Hopefully with the 3DS's larger storage space, the folks at Level-5 can afford to hire some real musicians to bring their next game to life.

Professor Layton And The Curious Village & Yann Tiersen's Le Phare [Gameological Society]


    I'm sure the composer of the games deeply resents that last sentence. But either way this redone soundtrack is beast. Games need more high quality music these days, and without hardware restrictions, there's no reason why not.

    The OSTs themselves are outstanding and I greatly prefer them over this music.

    Err... completely disagree. This music is too intense for Layton, totally doesnt fit the pacing.

      aggreed... it just dosn't feel right..

    It's far too intense. Call me brash, but I think your taste for the occasion sucks.

    The music-box style music during any puzzle segment always put me to sleep. It was so soothing!

    You don't always need real instruments to create a 'classical' sound. Whatever midi samples they're using now are perfect - the extra storage space of the 3DS would at least allow for more and higher quality samples.

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