Here's The Exclusive First Look At The Max Payne 3 Comic

It's been previously announced that Rockstar Games, Remedy Entertainment and Marvel Comics are teaming up to bring the iconic cop to comics. Now, Kotaku can share an exclusive first look at the first issue's cover, drawn by fan-favorite Greg Horn. We're pretty sure that bottle of whisky is not standard-issue equipment for members of the NYPD.

Written by Rockstar's Dan Houser and Remedy's Sam Lake, Max Payne 3: After the Fall debuts this week and we'll have more on the mini-series tomorrow during Kotaku's Panel Discussion programming block.


    Maaaan... How do i get a copy?

    That's the Max Payne I know, gimme gimme gimme.

      Except Max previously wasn't the 'raging alcoholic' Rockstar/Houser portray him as... Now pill-popper? That'd be more accurate ;-P

    Writer, Sam Wake? Please! Or else, it's nothing. Oh, Remedy have to be involved too, just for old times sake, even for the Comic. Or else, it's nothing. R* is just another EA.

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