Here's The First Gameplay Trailer For The New Tomb Raider

It's only a teaser for a full trailer but this video on Game Trailers TV offers a glimpse of what Crystal Dynamics' reboot of Tomb Raider is going to look like.

Based on the moments where where the re-imagined Lara Croft is drinking presumably fresh water and starting fires, it seems like basic survival skills are going to play a big part of this all new origin story.

Crystal Dynamic's new version of gaming's greatest heroine made a splashy debut at last year's E3 and was originally due out this year. However, news of a delay into 2013 came down the pike last week, which means we'll have to wait a bit longer to see just how differently this Lara will play. In the meantime, Game Trailers TV will have the full Tomb Raider "Crossroads" trailer during next week's episode on Thursday the 31st.


    That looks like it's shaping up nicely, I particularly like the crashed plane climb. Looks like the world is a lot more interesting than the previous Tomb Raiders.

    So Tomb Raider has become a clone of the Tomb Raider clone Uncharted? I know there wasn't much in the trailer, but the sight of pre-scripted events during climbing does alarm me. The Uncharted series really overdid it with things constantly breaking, Drake tripping, or falling or any number of other gameplay breaks. Presentation should never get in the way of gameplay imo.

      I had those thoughts too. Although Uncharted is unashamably a Tomb Raider clone, this Tomb Raider seems to look a heck of a lot like Uncharted.

        As long as they keep pushing each other to innovate, I don't really mind. As long as they have their own feel and identity. Worst thing Tomb Raider could do would be ignoring what other games were doing well.

      I felt myself constantly frustrated that the gameplay was getting in the way of the presentation in Uncharted, not the other way around. The gunplay of Uncharted is some of the worst this generation for a triple A title of such widespread (and largely deserved) acclaim.

    I really like the look of what they are doing with this reboot. I eagerly await May 31st to see the full video.

    Have to agree with D.C. as well, the whole atmosphere of the game looks so much better and game in general just looks allot more interesting. Can't Wait.......

    It's interesting, I was looking forward to this a lot more before Uncharted 3 was released, now I'm just worried it'll be too similar. As much as I enjoyed U3, I'm pretty much done with the franchise now, the linearity to the platforming and the rinse repeat nature of enter room, cover shooting till guys are dead and repeat just feels boring at this point. The one was this could still please me is if the platforming is handled like actual platforming rather than, point stick, press X and you can't go wrong.

      I'm not sure if this is still true, but I remember the game was originally pitched like Arkham Asylum in that there will be areas you can see from the start but can't access until you 'level' up. A lot more open world-like too. Things might've changed since then. I guess we'll find out at e3.

      I agree 100% with your description of Uncharted's platforming, that really started to get tiresome for me in U3. As much as I enjoyed it, there needed to be more to it than the simple platforming mechanics it had. The only challenge to the platforming was finding the "start of the chain".
      I want something like an open-world Uncharted, with multiple paths up surfaces and ... oh, right, I want the new Tomb Raider.

    So this is a trailer for a trailer

    At least it looks to be a re-boot in the right direction.

    So Lara is American now?

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