Hollywood + Pokémon = Pokéwood?

The homepage for the upcoming Pokémon game for the DS, Black and White 2 has been updated with some news and new features of the game, including movie making.

The starter pokémon is the same as its previous version; Snivy, Tepig and Oshawott. But instead of Professor Juniper greeting you in the beginning, it will be a grown-up Bianca. Your other rival from the previous game, Cheren, also makes an appearance as a gym leader. Aside from those two characters, the previous game's champion Alder, and the antagonist N will be making appearances as well.

There are other new features too:

-Poké-wood This is a new mini-game where you direct a film, picking your lines and settings to create an your very own original movie. You can choose your Pokémon for the cast and have your monster star the film, too.

-Pokémon World Tournament The World Tournament facility will let you fight against gym leaders and champions from previous versions of Pokémon. The player can decide for it to be either a single or a double battle, and using your Wi-Fi connection you can fight against other special trainers as well.

No word whether your Poké actors will trash their trailers and enter rehab. Knowing Nintendo, they won't.

Official Pokémon Black and White 2 site


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