Hopefully The Army's Scheme To Fly Helicopters With Kinect Doesn't Involve A Lot Of Spinning

The army wants to install Microsoft's controller-free Kinect sensor in military helicopters so pilots can use them both for body recognition and flying assistance, Innovation News Daily reports.

"New technology from the gaming world has the potential to substantially reduce the cost of adding head tracking to conventional helicopters, as well as the ability to do body tracking and gesture recognition to support future intelligent cockpits," the army writes in its solicitation for the new research program, according to the tech website.

Presumably this will involve awesome, Minority Report-style gesturing and not uncomfortable, Kinect Star Wars-style flailing.

Army to Test Microsoft's Kinect in Helicopter Cockpits [InnovationNewsDaily — Thanks Jeremy!]

Photo: andresr/Stockfresh


    Expect a lot of crashed helicopters.

      Or dancing ones

    The U.S already crashes their helis, this can only help.

      Isn't that the girl from the college girl meme?

        Exactly what thought soon as I saw the photo

    For the people saying the helicopters will crash, this head tracking is just for weapon systems so the 30mm( I think?) follows where the gunner is looking. This system is already used but the cost to put it in helmets is expensive as each helmet has to be specifically made for every pilot.

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