How A Video Game Rock Band Made Me Long For Winter In Toronto

How A Video Game Rock Band Made Me Long For Winter In Toronto

I’ve only been to Toronto once, and it was in high school for a band trip. I think we went to “Medieval Times”? Enter the New York-based chiptune/rock band Anamanaguchi. Their tune “Another Winter” (above) is probably my favourite track from their soundtrack to Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World. So kicky, so grooving, excellent melody, dynamite breakdown/build-up… it’s got it all.

Other album highlights include but are not limited to:


Yes. To this whole thing. The drum solo, the hilarious shimmering synth lead… all of it. Some of the most choice boss-fight music of our age.

“Skate or Live”

I know it’s about skating, but this tune is really driving. (See what I did there, do you, do you really?)

“Suburban Tram”

Like “Another Winter,” this is a great one for hanging out on the town with your friends and maybe getting into a superhero fight or two.

“Mermaid” – Live

And hey, this wasn’t on that soundtrack, but this is the band doing their thing live. Good times, guys.

Find out more about Anamanaguchi on their official site.



    That first soundtrack made me buy the game. Perfect game version of the comic book, it’s awesome.

  • Another Winter is indeed the best piece on that soundtrack. Fond memories of the level that played in. Great game!

  • “Just like in the Movies” is also a kick ass track. I love this OST. Anamanaguchi’s albums are the only albums I’ve ever purchased on itunes. >_>

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