How China Nerualysed Men In Black 3 [Spoilers]

The Chinese government sure doesn't like when China or Chinese people look bad. That's apparently the motivation for cutting scenes from Hollywood flick Men in Black 3.

Spoilers below.

Three scenes were cut that showed Chinese people disguised as aliens and people in Chinatown getting their memories neuralysed.

Online in China, people noted that the movie's trailer showed bits that were in the final film. What's more, the movie was trimmed down from 110 minutes to 90 minutes. It's a shame they cannot see the film as the filmmakers intended.

This isn't the first Hollywood motion picture that China has censored, and it will not be the last.

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Chinese Aliens? [NDDaily via MIC]


    It would seriously suck to live in China, what a horrible government.

    "people noted that the movie’s trailer showed bits that were in the final film". Missing a "not"?

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