How Did You Spend Your First Day In Minecraft On The Xbox 360?

In today's build-your-own edition of Speak Up on Kotaku, commenter Arok Lazarus shares with us how he and his girlfriend spent his first day playing Minecraft on the Xbox 360. What did you do?

Wooh Minecraft on the 360!

Here's what I did my first day on it: My girlfriend and I splitscreened the game for several hours and after doing the tutorial we went to live in the tutorial town for a while. My first night in the bed in a nice pre-built house I was attacked by a creeper! In my house with the door closed! My girlfriend slept in the prison, although we weren't aware it was a prison until I accidentally locked her in. After this little mishap we stockpiled our resources (we had no idea what we were doing so I got a few fish and some more wooden tools) and struck off for new land to call our own.

Settled for a land south of the tutorial town and promptly tunnelled a cave to live in temporarily. The next day I scouted for a place to build a house and my girlfriend started gathering more resources. Several creeper attacks over the course of a few days had us rebuilding our cave for a while and ultimately build a secret back entrance so we could escape if there was a creeper at our front door. Now we've managed to mostly level a very tall hill and we are now filling it in with dirt so we can start building our home.

In short, I love this game! I played it once on my laptop but the terrible framerate made it an unenjoyable experience to say the least. Now however I can see why so many people love this game. I think the nice soundtrack really helps the game a lot too.

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    This looks like so much fun. Much simpler to play online with friends. Now... about acquiring those friends...

      I'll be your friend! But now ... I need to acquire a Xbox ...

        Well if anybody wants to play some Minecraft add me: Luxioflux (silly name, I would change, but my mind tells me I could get a game for the points :P)

    Me and a few of my friends bought the game and spent large parts of Friday and yeasterday, just surving and having fun, my wooden house is now burnt down and replaced with a pool....

      Reminds me of the Rooster Teeth episode of them playing together. Gavin the troll, again messes up the game and as usual Michael goes apeshit about it. If you haven't seen it, its freaking hilarious.

    Is it possible to play the game without that damn tutorial town? I've been playing Minecraft on PC since forever, and that patronising beginning I saw in the trial really put me off. I want to be out in the wilderness with nothing but my fists, and I really don't want to have to tear down that hideous looking castle. Also, the fact that there were no options for difficulty, and no hunger meter? That really sucks.

      By the way, I realise I can easily just walk away from Tutorial Town and start again at the next biome. But It will always bother me if that place is still sitting there. It makes the whole experience seem just a little bit more artificial.

        That's the tutorial beginning. With the full game you start a fresh new world as normal, with nothing. Don't worry!

        You actually can't walk away, it traps you in the tutorial area until you finish it. I tried the same thing, you'll reach invisible walls pretty quick.

    I only played the trial, but once I realised it was only about version 1.6 I immediately lost interest.

    I played the trail... immediately lost interest and then went back to my PC and played Minecraft.

    I mean, it can only do so much compared to the PC.

    I'm not trying to be a platform fanboy, but PC is the best way to play minecraft.

    Larger community, awesome mods, better server quality, just have to pay for internet not an extra fee for XBL.

    And what does the Xbox version have? Split screen? Meh.

      I like the PC version more, too, but... I AM liking the xbox version... simply because lounging on the lounge and lazily playing it is relaxing, haha.

        Heh, that's how I already play the PC version. I have a HDMI out to my 46" LCD, my Xbox wired controller plugged into my PC and my headset plugged into that for which I use to talk to other friends playing via Skype(which is much better audio quality than XBL anyway :P)

          That sounds awesome, lol. I think you need to come set something like that for me at my house!

    "There's something outside of my house and I have no bed. If I open the door, I may die. Oh geezohgeezohgeez."

    I some Let's Plays on YouTube and cringed at all the nubs. :P
    Then I went back to my PC and played non-watered-down Minecraft.

    I spent it enjoying the feeling that no one can use mods and spawn in my server.... then I became addicted to the pc version again once I realized the worlds were limited.

    I dug a hole, and it filled with water...

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