How Muliplayer Bullet Time Works In Max Payne 3

Bullet time! The supernatural act of slowing down time as you either shoot a gun or dodge the bullets of someone shooting at you! It was in Max Payne. It was in The Matrix.

How in world do you make bullet time work in a multiplayer shooter like Max Payne 3?

It makes sense when you play the game, but the game isn't out yet. So, we've tried to explain it with words and are trying again with video. We hope it helps!

(Video edited by Chris Person.)


    Interesting....I've never played a Max Payne game and was considering this one from what I had head about the bullet time. I had a totally different idea on how this would work, sort of the reverse.

    I had it in my head that the player who activated it would just be super fast and other players would be regular speed. Theoretically, this current method would have huge issues on the engine, especially with players being affected and not affected at different times, even doing this like walking into view of the activated player could really screw up the engine a little. I'm hoping I'm wrong but I might wait for a bit more feedback before really considering Max Payne 3

      Think about what you've said a bit more.
      If the game was 'super fast' for the player who activated it then it would also become 'super difficult'. Bullet time is meant to slow down everything so that stuff is easier to shoot. Speeding up your player would just make it harder to play/control/aim.

    I'm in it for the single player only I think.
    These tacked on multiplayer game modes just make me think, why bother?

    It's going to be flooded with people for a week then die off when everybody goes back to Battlefield, CoD, or whatever MMO is cool at the moment.

    And no doubt the PC version will have some horrible matchmaking p2p system.

      Same. I'm getting this for singleplayer only. MP2 is one of my favourite games of all damn time. OF ALL DAMN TIME

      "Tacked on" is often a fair comment, but sometimes the multiplayer isn't tacked on. GoldenEye's was literally tacked on right at the end but it was awesome. Halo's came out of nowhere and everyone loved it. I don't think Rockstar will tack something on. I do agree though that the population of players probably won't be enough to sustain it, but that's just because CoD have nailed their respective formulas and it's hard to leave. I hope enough people play MP3 multiplayer to keep well-populated games with good connections for a good while though. I will probably buy this game at launch simply so I can experience this multiplayer while it's active.

      I'd love it to take off as much as Halo's multiplayer.

        btw I said "Cod and Battlefield". Not sure why those words didn't make it into my comment

    yeah that just made me hate it... it needs to be based on skill not the fact that someone else gets an advantage if they spot you first.
    There was an old HL mod that got it perfect, it didnt matter who activated the slowdown, you both moved at the same pace, shot at the same rate, and reloaded at the same speed, but it came down to your accuracy and movement, not an unfair advantage built into the game.

    This looks awesome, but im sure it won't be perfect and there will be lots of bugs and then lots of patches.

    what if you just bounce grenades off walls and around corners, you're not affected....and they get grenaded

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