How To Convert Your Fingernails Into A Stunning Diablo Mural

One of the coolest things about Diablo III is the amazing art direction. Evidenced in all this rockin' original art, it's one of the things that sets the game apart from its many imitators.

This awesome Diablo III nail art by DeviantArtist Undomiele really takes the cake — it's got recreations of two of the more famous pieces of concept art along the fingernails with health on the left thumb and mana on the right.

In this video, you can see how it was put together — amazing. I bet that having amazing nails like this makes you click your mouse button even faster.

Diablo 3 Tribute Nail Art [DeviantART via FashionablyGeek]


    Wow, she nailed it.

      I see what you did there......and with that comment you hit the nail on the head.

      :( what have I become?

    Hate to drop in on the Kool-Aid party here but Diablo III just came out. Claiming it has 'many imitators' is a pile of steaming horse potatoes. More accurate would be to say 'makes it stand apart from the many games it rips off after they ripped off its predecessor's basic premise'.

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