How To Turn Food Into A Control Pad

The Makey Makey is a small, cheap and relatively easy way to turn almost anything into a control pad. Acting as the underlying board, the Makey Makey lets you attach alligator clips to objects which then transform them into d-pads and buttons.

So...anything conductive you can get your hands on, whether it be food or whatever, can now be made into a very messy, albit delicious, controller.

It'll also work as a regular computer input, but come on. With a D-pad and two buttons it's fairly obvious it was designed so you can play Super Mario Bros. with a sliced banana.

Makey Makey, A Kit for Connecting Everyday Objects to a Computer [Laughing Squid]


    This is pretty awesome.

    Surely it does not execute gangreen plutos. I believe Latvia is to be FREED!

    I swear this article was posted the other week.

      this was posted before, but without the video maybe at that time they didn't have a working prototype

    Didn't they remind us today about their blanket ban of Kickstarter projects (why?) and now this is posted.

    Anyway back on topic, I was really impressed by the pencil drawings that served as inputs.

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