I Hate You, Ski Safari. OK, One More Game.

I Hate You, Ski Safari. OK, One More Game.

Defiant Development’s Ski Safari is one of those annoying-as-hell games that doesn’t have much to it other than an infuriating knack for making your finger hit the icon reflexively every time you even so much as glance at your iPhone.

I see Ski Safari being compared to iPhone classic Tiny Wings quite a bit, and to an extent it’s an apt comparison. Both games are variations on runners, games in which the goal is to get as far as you can before some impending event halts your progress. In Tiny Wings it’s the sunset. In Ski Safari it’s an avalanche. One of those is more dangerous, so one of the games is a bit more intense, but it’s fundamentally the same concept.

Apparently you’ve been taking a ski vacation on the side of the world’s largest mountain, so when the avalanche comes you’ve got quite a downhill adventure ahead of you. Jumps, ramps, and obstacles litter your path, while penguins, yetis, hawks and the odd snowmobile provide temporary bursts of speed.

You’ll never survive the avalanche; your death is inevitable. Completing tasks during what little time you have left grants new ranks and bonuses in the next life, but eventually you will fall.

The looming spectre of death does nothing to quash Ski Safari‘s ridiculously addictive nature, and at only $0.99 with no in-game purchases I see no reason why I can’t recommend littering this reality-defying mountain with your corpses as well.

Ski Safari [iTunes]

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