I Like The Sound Of Call Of Duty’s 1v1 Mode

I Like The Sound Of Call Of Duty’s 1v1 Mode

The new Face-Off mode that’s coming to Modern Warfare 3 next week seems pretty cool. It will let players compete in 1v1 and 2v2 matches on small maps just made for the mode. The brand-new, totally-official and only-slightly-confusing video from the Call of Duty folks explains and shows most of it.

The confusing part?

This (emphasis added): “Grab a friend and experience an all-new way to play Call of Duty multiplayer. Infinity Ward, Sledgehammer Games, and Raven Software discuss the ALL-NEW Face Off gameplay style and Collection 2 DLC in this behind-the-scenes multiplayer video for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. Two FREE Face Off Maps will be made available on May 16th for Xbox Live. Two additional Face Off maps will be available for purchase as part of the Collection 2 DLC pack for Xbox Live on May 22nd.”

Free to whom? Do you to be an Elite member? We don’t know. (We’ve asked Activision and will update this when we’ve gotten it sorted.)


  • MW3’s multi generally made me scream and swear at the TV, even more so then usual. Being able to play 1v1 with a friend sounds like it would be pretty sweet. The game is actually pretty fun when you remove everyone else from it. 😛

  • there was 1v1 in MW1 and it was removed because of it been used for nothing but widespread cheating/boosting. By the time MW2 was about to be released, the whole game mode was infested with boosters wanting gold weapons and there was no one wanting to play the actual game.

  • This sounds excellent to me. Halo2’s 2v2 mode was largely what I played in that game. I hope this takes off so there are lots of lag-free games around!

  • “..and that’s when we came up with face off”
    “we didn’t just create a new mode….”

    They didn’t come up with it, it was in MW and MW2 (3rd person cage match, removed in a later patch), and in both cases it was abused by people to stat-pad and boost.

    So unless it’s a private match only mode, i really don’t understand why they would bring back something they had to remove because of abuse.

  • Well due to the DLC being quite large with 3 MP maps + 2 coop missions + Face-off game mode with 4 maps specifically for it I would guess that they are trying to come across as rewarding the loyal community with free stuff, then charge for the rest.
    More people will be willing to hand over money if they think that IW are rewarding them for their loyalty, or this plus that giving away 2 maps free means the price for the paid DLC can be reduced to an acceptable amount.

    And really this is a good collection of DLC I think, all the maps look pretty good, think about it, 7 MP maps, a new(returning) game mode and 2 coop missions? That’s nice.

    And no I am not a COD fanboy, I actually play more ARMA, BF3 and EVE then COD but it is still a good game for the style of shooter it is.

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