I Still Have No Idea What The Hell Class I'll Play In Diablo III

Diablo III comes out tomorrow. Which really means it comes out tonight at midnight. I'm excited to play it — more excited than I would have thought I'd be, to be honest. There's only one problem. At the beginning of my adventure, I'm going to have to make a choice — I'm going to have to pick a character class.

This game is doubtless many, many hours long. Will I spend those hours as a magic-slinging Wizard? A dead-raising Witch Doctor? A raging, smashing Barbarian, a whirling-dervish Monk, a crossbow-wielding Demon Hunter?

Man. I don't even know.

I've always been at something of a loss when choosing classes in Diablo-like games, from Torchlight to Demon's Souls to Dungeon Siege III. In most Bethesda- or BioWare-like games, games with nuance and conversation, I prefer to play as a sneaky character, but even then I get paranoid that I'm doing it "wrong."

With a slasher loot-fest like Diablo III, the action is the whole point, and the classes are much more varied. I'm guessing that, knowing Blizzard, all of the classes are probably pretty well balanced, and that there's a huge amount of customisation that can be done with them. But all the same, doubts linger.

What if I play the game as a Wizard, and in a couple months it turns out that Wizards totally suck? What if I put a ton of time into being a Barbarian and when Fahey runs his review, he says that's the worst class? What if… what… if?


I really am at a loss here. And I'm really being serious — I'll probably start 2-3 characters and see what I think before really committing… even though that sounds like a lot of time to devote, when I don't have that much.

I like the idea of playing as a Barbarian, since that seems simple and satisfying. I played as a Demon Hunter and as a Wizard in the beta, and found that I vastly preferred magic to crossbows and traps. But then again, while ranged combat is fun, it feels a touch unsatisfying at times.

I polled our fellow editors and didn't get many clear responses. I'm becoming convinced that even they don't know which classes they'll play.

Maybe I should just ask Kotaku. I put it to you, readers: Which class will you play first in Diablo III?


    I think I'll go the Monk, but I'm still up in the air as to how it will go end-game. I also feel like I'm doing something wrong at the start in arpg's, but that'll pass after some juicy loots..

    I'm starting at the box over the remains of my bibimbap lunch. never really played d1 our d2

    Demon Hunter for me, was sold when I saw duel wielding crossbows.

    Ooo eee, ooo ah ah ting tang
    Walla walla, bing bang
    Ooo eee, ooo ah ah ting tang
    Walla walla, bing bang...
    Ooo eee, ooo ah ah ting tang
    Walla walla, bing bang
    Ooo eee, ooo ah ah ting tang
    Walla walla, bing bang

    Wizard or Witch Doctor - undecided on which yet.

    I'm going for Witch Doctor because it's different from how I normally play these games (Bowazon and Sorc were easily my most played characters).

    Doesn't matter though. Unless this game is a sore disappointment, I'll have one of everything. Being able to respec with ease makes that seem very appealing. Get everything, when I see something new and interesting to try it out, just jump on and try it.

    The only classes worth playing are the Monk and the Barbarian. They're the only classes with beards. What's the point of living, if you don't have a beard?

      You ... dammit. You're right.

      Why did they even bother making other classes?

      This is a good point. Would have loved for a little more customization so as to add a beard to all the male characters.


          Just another example of male entitlement. We just assume its our given right to sport facial hair (be it groomed or ungroomed, thin or thick), but its EVERYBODIES right.

      I'm hoping I can enchant my Wizard with Male Hormones to be able to combat this...

    Wizard or Monk. Will come down to what my little bro decides to play.

    Witch Doctor for me! Really enjoyed his spells in the Beta.

    Barbarian... How hard can it be? Anyway the Barbarian is the most powerful, rewarding, and MANLY class there is. So if you're a self respecting man, you will go Barbarian. Did that help at all?

    How does Diablo III play, is it just a dungeon crawling clicker-clicker with an isometric view?

      Exactly. Its similar if you played any of these: Titan Quest, Torchlight, Sacred, Path of Exile, etc

      I believe the proper term is "Rogue-like" but yes. Isometric dungeon crawler with lots of clicking. All the clicking.

    Bowazon was my favourite in D2, so the Demon Hunter will be my default first try here. If that doesn't sit right, the Witch Doctor comes a close second.

    Am I the only one that didn't like Demonhunter?

    Probably because I never came across 1 handed crossbow pistols in the beta..

      It is last on my list of classes to play. Just felt a bit meh to me, not quite my play style.

    I miss the paladin, was my favorite, but i guess Mage, or Barb/Demon Hunter (mainly cause my two mains from WoW wore hunter and warrior)

      I will play Barb tonight and Monk tomoz
      Yeah it just aint diablo if u cant go a knight\Pally(D2)\Warrior(D1)

    Really enjoyed witch doctor in beta.... Want to play daemon hunter though, we'll see tonight

    I'm playing Monk - cos I want to make fighting noises like Bruce Lee as I play

    Griff *SMASH*

    I already expect barbarians to be lame towards the end-game, but meh, I prefer to test the game mechanics out on a fairly forgiving character class before going specialist.

    If D1 and D2 are to teach us anything, Barbs are always awesome in early-game but tend to be crap in late-game. Sorcs tend to be weak in early-game, but strong in late-game.
    Thus, I'm tossing up between amazon and sorc

    Decided what class I will play in the Beta. I was originally really hanging to play Demon Hunter, but then I realized that every other person on the planet appears to want to play this as well. I played both DH and Barbarian in the Beta and think I've decided on the latter. I've always been a fan of the ranged classes, played a Hunter in WoW for 5 years (I'll never get that time back....), enjoy sniper games, however NEVER play sniper/recon classes in FPS's........... probably because everyone else is and it's bloody pointless when there are too many. So with that in mind, Barbarian it is ;) BARBARIAN! SMASH!!

    Daemon Hunter.. played her in Beta and /wow. Twin crossbows is just chock full of fuckin AWESOME ! ;)

    (or I would be if some kind person would slip me a guest pass. hint, hint,nudge,nudge. [email protected])

      Some lovely poster from the Kotaku forums has hooked me up already.

      Ty Blaghman :)

    I really enjoyed the Demon Hunter in the Beta, so thats who I'll be rolling first.

    I played a Witch Doctor in the open beta (didn't have enough time to level a 2nd char to 13) and I enjoyed it, but I think I'll probably try a Demon Hunter. I played a Barbarian to death in D2 and had a pretty fun hardcore Bonemancer going as well, so I still don't know... I'm agonising over it too.

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