If Chrono Trigger Looked Like Wind Waker…

If Chrono Trigger Looked Like Wind Waker…

Then, you know, it would be just about the greatest game ever made.

Those agreeing should watch this video, which took habboi around a year to put together. It reimagines CT’s Kingdom of Zeal with Wind Waker’s iconic, cel-shaded art style.

Using the Unreal Development Kit, and employing the help of the Polycount (3D artists) community, he’s got it looking very nice. Very nice indeed.

The Magical Kingdom of Zeal [YouTube, thanks Anonymous!]


  • Wow this is eyeball meltingly awesome, excuse me whilst a play windwaker for the billionth time now.

  • I hate people who think wind waker looked good, seriously it looked like it was drawn by a 2 year old, with Parkinson’s disease.
    But yes Chrono Trigger still cant be beaten IMO

    • “Mature games for mature gamers like me.”
      I can understand not liking a game due to their graphics and art direction, whether due to being dated or in a certain style, but hating the PEOPLE who like the game? That’s just stupid.
      Maybe if you meant ‘hate people who proclaim it as the greatest looking (zelda) game,’ that could be somewhat understandable.

      • No i actually hate the people, because the ones that liked wind waker are generally the same people who state its the greatest, so from personal experience they go hand in hand, and its just easier to hate them all.

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