If Game Of Thrones' Warring Houses Were Beer Brands

If you watch Game of Thrones or, particularly, have read George R.R. Martin's Song of Ice and Fire books, you know that the characters really have a penchant for drinking beer in the morning. So much beer! Wine is for the afternoon and evening, but the early hours get beer.

I've always wondered what brand Tyrion was drinking every morning to wash down his black bread, boiled eggs and crisp bacon. Now I know: "Lannister Gold!"

Check out these beer logos, created by an artist who goes by SatansBrand. Each one is available on a T-Shirts. I totally want like three of these. I'll order them, telling myself that I'll give the other two to my loyal bannermen, but I think we all know that I'm just gonna keep them for myself.

Game of Thrones Beer Brands [Redbubble via The Huffington Post]


    That second Night's Watch design is shiny.

    Might want to add that it contains spoilers, (Jon Snow becoming Lord Commander of the Night's Watch).

      Eh if they cared to read the books it should be a spoiler.

    Normally I hate spoilers, but that one doesn't come as a huge surprise.

    I would punch in the throat any man who gave me a Greyjoy tshirt. Straight in the throat.

    These suck! You should check these out!!! WAY BETTER and you can already buy them!! http://www.604republic.com/prod/dire_brew_hoodie

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