If Lego Batman 2 Happened In Arkham City, It Would Look Like This

Crossovers happen in comics all the time, where characters stumble into worlds that look radically different and meet alternate versions of themselves. Such a thing probably won't happen with the kid-friendly Lego Batman 2 and the Dark Knight's ultra-violent exploits in Batman: Arkham City.

But, damn if Wonder Woman, Robin, Joker and Catwoman don't all look great when given the gritty grey-tone treatment from the Arkham City promo art. These would make great variant mini-figs. You listening out there, Lego?


    Wonderwoman? Weird. I'd rather see what they could do with Harley - or how they could beef up a minifig of Bane.


    Qusiton: Whats wounder womon doing in Arkham City? lol

      The new LEGO Batman game has not just Batman, but a bunch of DC Superheros/Villians

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