If Only They'd Actually Released An All-White NES

I've got a basic rule when it comes to consumer electronics: the white the better. The white PS3, the original Xbox in its rare white, the DSi in glossy white, the new white 360, they all look great.

That's just my tastes, though. Artist and advertising man Andrew Miller has a different reason for emphasising the colour: he's spending 100 days painting consumer objects white to remove all branding. In the end we're left with just the object.

In addition to the NES pad pictured above, other cool things he's whitewashed are featured in the gallery.

Brand Spirit [Andrew Miller]


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    I would like to see what these would look like if they were all white WITH the branding (a logo) added.
    My bet: Damn good.

      I'd like to see these with completely different branding eg. the NES controller with the branding and colour of say, Black & Decker. TO MESS WITH YOUR MIND

    luke.... i've ribbed you before..... i've questioned you...... i've stood with others wondering why you work here...

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        I'll give luke any chance he wants to fire back at me.

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        Come to think of it thats not trolling at all, that motivation and encouragement :)

    I love these! It just goes to show how critical industrial design is to a product's brand. It's interesting that even with the branding removed, my immediate thoughts were Nintendo, TDK, Bic, McDonalds, Darth Vader and Lego. Yes, Darth Vader is more iconic than Star Wars itself!

      It's terrible, isn't it?

    Why does this not surprise me... I HATE white electronics!! They should all only be black!!

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