If Sons Of Anarchy Gets A Video Game, It Won't Be 'Some Slapcrap Browser Thing'

Back in February, word passed that Sons of Anarchy, the biker-gang television series broadcast on FX in the United States, was exploring a video-game deal. It quickly followed that the talks might concern something less than the full retail release hardcore video gamers expected. Like a bulls**t free-to-play browser game that no one can respect.

Well, the series' creator wants to put an end to that speculation. Kurt Sutter, via Twitter, recently said he met with "a big distributor" and that "myself and everyone at FX and Fox is committed to making this happen.

"Yes, we definitely wanna do a real game. Console based," he tweeted. "Not some slapcrap browser MP thing."

Going the non-slapcrap route will "take a while, but it's the right way to go", he said, offering no other details on the provisional game or the discussions.

Still it's good to hear that these bikers, if they get a video game adaptation, will get a proper one, not some slapcrap browser-based garbage.

Sons of Anarchy Game Hitting Consoles [GameSpot]


    Ben: You know what might look better on your nose?
    Quohog: What?
    Ben: The bar

    Good to see. I get sick of shitty browser based games.

    Zynga wanted to make Bikerville but they were defeated.

    Zynga wanted to get the rights and make Bikerville.

    Way to go Kotaku login system. Not my fault.

    Good. A browser based game would not do justice.

    I guess if you made it a sandbox game it might be alright...... The story could start off with you wanting to become a prospect, then becoming a prospect, then getting patched in, then moving up the ranks to VP, then president. But naturally not in Charming, you'd probably have to use another chapter to try and keep it separate from the show. But you'd defiantly still want interactions with Clay and Jax and just SAMCRO in general.

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