If Valve Made Bottles Of Rum, They'd Hopefully Look This Cool

Reader Adam has an idea. An idea for old-timey bottles of rum, bottled by Valve Corporation, and named for Admiral Kunkka, a hero from the DOTA series. It is a wonderful idea.

Those wondering, um, why rum, Kunkka's Rum is an item found in both the original and Valve's upcoming sequel, with units doused in it receiving a bonus.

Adam went completely over the top with this, even going to the trouble of buying a custom rubber stamp and actual bottling wax.

There are more pics on Adam's site.



    Whiskey > Rum

      Here be lies.

      Brandy > Whiskey

    My newborn child had the middle name daelin. Love this guy.

    http://www.rondejeremy.com/ - the adult rum

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