If You Ever Wanted To Get Kicked Out Of PAX, Here’s How

If You Ever Wanted To Get Kicked Out Of PAX, Here’s How

Comedian Nathan Barnatt, in his performing persona of socially awkward Keith Apicary, was removed from PAX East this year after interrupting the Rooster Teeth panel with a stage-rushing, trouser-dropping incident.

Barnatt’s own compiled footage of Apicary’s antics at PAX East is now available. In the first half, he wanders around the convention like a geeky Borat, bobbing through the sea of unsuspecting attendees who will help him make the joke. He goes to the Rooster Teeth panel, for his now-infamous underwear dance, around the 3:30 mark.


  • These guys just annoy me. They’re just pissing everybody off by acting like tools, and then saying ‘but it’s comedy’.

    No it’s not. You’re just a douche. Put it on youtube liek everyone else and stop annoying everyone.

  • Annoying comedy a lot of time is bad comedy in my opinion. The Chaser guys do it a lot, I’ve never been a big fan of some of their stuff.

    • Totally agree. For every moment of pure genius comedy on Chaser you end up sitting through a lot of really unfunny, annoying awkwardness. But there was usually one thing every episode that was so funny that it was all I remembered the next week, so I would watch another show.

      Monty Python works roughly the same way, except that their ratio of hilarity to stupidity is considerably higher.

      Keith Apicary, on the other hand, hasn’t made me smile since the Neo Geo rap.

  • I fucking wish Michael was on that panel, he would’ve raged and slapped this attention seeking idiot back to last week.

    This ‘comedian’ is not funny. He just proved that by dancing onstage in his underwear.

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