Imagine OK Computer Was Recreated As ChipTune Music... Now Listen To It!

Okay, this is actually an incredible achievement. Chiptune artist Quintin Sung has rcreated the entirety of Radiohead's classic album OK Computer — from start to finish — as 8-bit style, Chiptune music. And it sounds pretty schmancy!

I'm not really a massive fan of chip tune music, I mean I think it's interesting, but I wouldn't listen to it while doing the dishes. I can however, recognise the achievement, and the fact that this is a really cool project.

It's well worth listening to — even if you're not normally a fan of this kind of thing.

Thanks Gary Whitta


    Awww yeaaaah

    This is one of the best things ever.

    The played a few highlights on Triple J this morning. I'm not much of a Radiohead fan but they sounded really cool.

    this is totally screaming out to have a game made for it!

    Nice to see Mark has his musical tastes in order! :D

    This is pretty darn good. Now if he does a chiptune version of In Rainbows because 15 Step is begging to be chip tuned.

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