In Case You've Ever Wanted To Own One Of Mass Effect 3's Punchy Heavy Pistols

When I play Mass Effect, I'm really more of an Assault Rifle or Shotgun-guy, but I do love those heavy pistols. The sound they make, that punchy "pop" that causes so much damage.

Here we've got Bill Doran of Punished Props, back to show us another cool video game creation. He's made the M-6 Carnifex Hand Canon. A well-worn one, at that.

I'd say I want one, but I don't want to slow down the recharge time on my Biotic charge...

Mass Effect - M-6 Carnifex []


    You can still get a 200% cooldown with a Carnifex. It might have to be appropriately leveled though.

    Doesn't matter, I know that when ever I get a cool cut scene I will pull one out of nowhere regardless if I own one or not:P

    inb4 complaints about weight distribution making the pistols impractical.

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