Indie Game: The Movie Showing In Melbourne -- Tickets Are Going Fast!

I've been quite keen to see Indie Game: The Movie now that there is a planned showing in Melbourne at the Australian Centre for the Moving Image, but there's only one showing — if you live in Melbourne and you're interested, I'd imagine you'll have to move fast!

The showing is on Friday, June 8, at 9pm.

Those who have tickets and are able to go?

I'm jelly.

[Thanks Puppylicks!]


    Is there a legal way to stream this movie or download it?

    Just got tickets! Been looking forward to this for ages.

    sweet, just bought 2. Now to find a special someone...

      How YOU doin....?

    Got my tickets, can't wait!

    Just got my 2 tickets. I love that ACMI supports a bit of indie gaming culture, saw a few interesting things at the Best of the Independent Games Festival 2012 a few weeks ago.

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