Iron Man Cosplay That Actually Moves. It Will Amaze You.

Just...look at this. LOOK AT IT.

[thanks Chewy!]


    Wow that is crazy good. A longer vid would be awesome to see all the movements etc.

    i'd go gay for that suit...

      you would do its exaust port?

    OH SHIT! That's freaking sweet!

    Did he steal that from the props department?

    Sweet Zombie Jesus, that is one sexy suit.

    That is the best damn cosplay I've ever seen, period.

    This was an awesome article, it was about cosplay and Brian Ashcraft was not involved.

    Ticks all my boxes.

    Is there any chance some group of professionals didnt make this?? Thats insane...

    For more of this guys clips involving his iron man suits.
    Would you believe he has two?!?!

    I would pay so much for this. I wish it was real, but far out it looks way too good. Longer video would've been so much better

    wonder how iron man would go up against that creeper in the background?
    Iron Man VS creeper

    If only i had the capability to even comprehend engineering and the mathematics behind it, heck even if you don't end up like Tony Stark, you can make one hell of a suit and pretend you are xD

    Would the real Tony Stark please stand up! Total WIN!

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