It Will Take More Than A Harpoon To Trip Up This Awesome AT-AT Case Mod

On second thought, shooting a harpoon at this PC casing would probably definitely absolutely tear through the plastic it's made out of. But that doesn't take away from just how incredible it looks sitting atop computer tables.

The Imperial AT-AT is built to help fight your gaming battles. Take a look through the gallery for pictures exposing its insides, which run on an Intel Core i7 and 8GB of RAM.

It won't shoot any lasers, but it does light up with a touch of a button. Nifty.

IMPERIAL AT-AT [Asphiax via Engadget]


    So cool, yet so lame.

    It's too small.

    Suddenly....all console vs PC arguments are made irrelevant.

      Yeah, no way I'd have one of those in my living room. Awesome, but no place in my life.

    My God, why did they use one of the shonky Hasbro toys? Star Wars fans would not approve. Real ones, anyway.

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