It's A Damn Shame This MMO Got Cancelled

I'm not an MMO fan, not in the slightest, but I can and do appreciate good-looking video games. And Project Copernicus, the now-dead MMO from the now-dead 38 Studios, was shaping up to be one good-looking video game.

We got to see some screenshots last week that made me say it looked like a 2012 version of World of Warcraft, and some more, released by studio founder Curt Schilling, have turned up today.

Those who didn't subscribe to the WoW comparison, how about this: it also looks like a video game made by Dreamworks, if Dreamworks was in the business of designing fantasy worlds for video games.


    The artwork looks amazing.

      Artwork? It's in game screenshot

        it's still a work of art is it not?

          In-game screenshot /= artwork. And work of art /= artwork.

          Both are different things. Artwork are mainly concept arts for the game which the final product will be based on. Thus in-game screenshot is the materialization of concept arts. And so, in-game screenshot is not artwork.

          I love artwork and in-game screenshots but they are both totally different.

            I think what you're getting at is "Concept Art". And while these are in-game 'screenshots', there's really no arguing that it's the artistry (artwork even!) on display that makes them shine.

            Totally bummed this has been cancelled. Here's hoping someone decides to pick this up in some form.

    Talented artists. Not so talented management, I'm afraid. It's sad to see a company with genuinely excellent people close down due to the silly melon-heads that were running the place.

    Im so disappointed,but im sure some other company will pick this up. It always happens with mmo's

    Dude this makes me sadder... could have been great! Someone pick this up!

    What will happen to this content?

    oh yes, blizzard is rubbing their hand with glee with this one.

    I am 10/10 mad that this got canceled. My jimmies have been rustled something fierce.

    this probably would have been the MMO to get me hooked. oh well i will stick to my xbox then.

    i hope someone picks this up, it looks amazing...

    I hope somebody will buy this out.

    The MMO market is rather saturated at the moment and there are still a couple of upcoming launches that will further dilute the spread of players who keep MMO-hopping in search of 'the one.'

    I still think this could have been comfortably successful - if the visuals above and gameplay of Amalur was indicative of what this studio could turn out. Such a shame.

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