It's Like Final Fantasy, But With Adults-Only Scenes

Futsuno Fantasy might look like Final Fantasy. Its initials, FF, echo Final Fantasy's. There are even Slime-like characters called "Slimy" ("Metal Slimy", too!) and Chocobo-like characters called "Choko". There are even in-game sprite maps.

But make no mistake. Futsuno Fantasy is not Final Fantasy. It's a visual novel aimed directly at adults, and the game has the X-rated event scenes to prove it!

The PC game goes on sale May 25. Check out screens from the Futsuno Fantasy's demo below.

FFの最新作がエロゲで登場!! [2ch News Flash VIP Blog]


    Im starting to think you're obsessed with naked anime girls ashcraft...

      You're new here right?

      You're new around here aren't you?

    The artwork in game looks pretty good - pity we're unlikely to get an English translation.

      Do not underestimate the tenacity of fan translations. They will find a way.

        It'll likely take 4 years, but yeah, we'll get one eventually.

    Japan is awesome.
    Shame our society is so censored and repressed.

      We arent the ones who are required to censor our porn by law...

        But we are the ones who run screaming to the politically correct police coz a nipple or ass was shown in a video game =P

    Slimed are a Dragon Quest thing, not Final Fantasy.

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