Journey Beats Angry Birds For PSN Top Spot

Really, sales figures shouldn't bother me, and I shouldn't really be favouring one game over the other, but I have to admit — when I heard that Journey was the PSN's biggest selling game of 2012 so far, pushing Angry Birds into second place... I smiled.

Don't get me wrong, I like Angry Birds. I own and have played so much Angry Birds, and I don't resent its success at all. I do however, like to celebrate when an brilliant, traditionally niche, smart game like Journey has commercial success. I think that's a good thing, and an important point to note anytime people doubt the commercial potential of interesting, cool game ideas.

1. Journey 2. Angry Birds 3. NFL Blitz 4. InFamous: Festival of Blood 5. Gotham City Impostors 6. I Am Alive 7. The Simpsons Arcade Game 8. Final Fantasy VIII 9. Escape Plan 10. NBA Jam: On Fire Edition

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    Eeeep. Haven't played any thing on that list except for I Am Alive. (And that was on the 360.)

    I was really interested in I am alive. I might try it out in the near future.

    Why can't we get NFL Blitz on the AU store? :(

    While I'm also happy Journey outsold Angry Birds, that's a lot to do with the fact that you can play Angry Birds on so many other devices (devices with touchscreens that are much better suited to it) that most people don't really feel the need to buy it on PS3. In fact I'm surprised it's that high in the list.

    Heck yeah. The most interesting game I've played in ages.

    How did Final Fantasy VIII get into that list? I know there was a sale sometime recently but it's funny that VIII gets into the top ten out of all the ones currently on PSN. (PS. I like VIII, just funny to see it over VII or VI)

      FFVIII is my fave. Bit of a cult classic, as opposed to FFVII's mainstream popularity. Well, in FF terms anyway. Perhaps everyone had bought 7 already.

    I think the surprising game on that list is Escape Plan. Given that the Vita hasn't been lighting the charts on fire, that is a pretty awesome effort.

    On the Vita side of things, surprised that Motorstorm RC isn't on the list and I would have expected Super Stardust to be there also, but the US did some heavy giveaway with that title.

      I've already put the money back into my free US version with all the DLC! ><

    Nothing but contempt for people who bought Angry Birds for their console. Fine for your phone or tablet, wasting a bit of time on the train or whatever.

    But paying to sit on your couch to play it? C'mon.

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