Journey, Now Available For Cats

Journey, Now Available For Cats

While this is, on one hand, the very worst the internet is capable of conjuring, namely putting human clothes on cats, I don’t care. This is Journey cosplay. For cats.

Since the guys in Journey aren’t really humans – humans have arms! – that’s how I’m convincing myself this is OK.

No idea how they got the thing on its head then got it to stand still without scratching somebody’s face off.

thatgamecompany [Twitter]



  • “Of all the pound joints, in all the towns, in all the world, they walk into mine.” *slams bowl of milk on bar-top.

  • “Years from now they’re going to ask us: where were you when they took over the planet? We’re gonna say: we stood by and adored those cute little bastards.”

  • Humans don’t walk on two leg stubs (or is it tippy-toes) either. Even ballet dancer’s en pointe can’t sustain being on their toes that long. Cats rule.

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