Kane & Lynch Developers Sued For Defaming Chinese People

Kane & Lynch Developers Sued For Defaming Chinese People

Never mind that Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days was first released nearly two years ago (or that it was a bit of a turd), one lawyer in China sure is pissed.

According to Global Times (via TechInAsia), Beijing attorney Liu Lin is suing Kane & Lynch‘s developer, Denmark-based IO Interactive, and its publisher, Square Enix. The reason? “I can’t bear it, especially the vicious vilifying of our people,” said Liu, a lawyer from Beijing Shuangli Law Firm. “They must be taught a lesson.”

Liu is seeking 10,000 yuan ($1500) in damages. On Tuesday, he filed the suite at the Daxing District People’s Court of Beijing. The court, however, has not decided whether it will hear the case.

As the Global Times pointed out, Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days is set in Shanghai, and it doesn’t exactly depict the city — or the Chinese people — in the best light. It doesn’t depict video games in the best light either, for that matter.

“As a Chinese lawyer, I have the obligation to protect the rights of all Chinese,” Liu told the Global Times. The lawyer doesn’t seem too concerned about winning, adding, “My worry is not whether I can win the case but whether the court will put it on record.” Noted!

Still, never mind that legal experts are already dismissing this suit. Never mind that the lawyer doesn’t care if he loses. Just…never mind.

Foreign video game ‘vilifies’ China [Global Times via TechInAsia]


  • It was a terrible game. Any game in which spraying and praying is the main game mechanic is a game that is seriously broken.

  • $1500?? Is that all he wants? If I were Square Enix, I’d just give him the money and say “Yeah, whatever.” 😛

  • Didn’t K&L2 pretty much cast =every= character in an unflattering light? American, British, Irish… wasn’t pretty much anyone actually characterized basically an asshole gangster or an innocent victim?

    I guess filing a lawsuit for misrepresenting Chinese Gangsters isn’t really a good-looking move.

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