Kim Kardashian Is Psyched For The Next Call Of Duty. Really.

Gaming connoisseur and poisonous celebrity Kim Kardashian is super psyched for the next Call of Duty, she said on Twitter today. Because the graphics look crazy.

"But wait," you might be thinking. "Doesn't Kim Kardashian sell her tweets?

Nope, Kardashian says. It wasn't a paid tweet. She and her brother play Call of Duty "all the time."

(Of course, we followed up with Activision to verify that and they confirmed that it wasn't done through them.)

Perhaps most entertaining is reading Twitterers' responses to Kardashian's newfound love for video games.

"Give it 72 days," says one tweeter, referring to Kardashian's infamously short-lived marriage with NBA power forward Kris Humphries. "You'll get over it."

Kardashian's response:

Photo: AP/Evan Agostini


    The graphics look the exact same... Just like every other new Call Of Duty game. Is she really that dumb?

      Is that a multiple choice question?

        That's what's crazy about the graphics

    Someone sit that girl down in front of a PC playing Crysis, or heck, any game other than COD from the last few years and then try and get her to say COD BLOPS II's graphics look crazy...

      Yo Kim im real happy for you and mma let you finish, but battlefield 3 was the best games ever... EVER!

    is this shit really necessary? have you nothing else to report other then some dumb ass star excited for a dumb ass game? sheesh you people need help

    I don't believe Kim Kardashian tweets anything she isn't paid for. ESPECIALLY when she directly mentions a product.

      And when I say "she", I of course mean the team of people who operate the twitter account attached to her name (brand).

        as opposed to the robot/puppet "she" is

          Not just robots, the Kardashians are like Reapers with false eyelashes attached, here to destroy civilisation with banality.

    really? She's whoring herself to everyone now. Over my dead body will that vile banshee get her grubby mitts on the gaming market. F you Kim. F you. While we're at it, F you too Activision. That was clearly a plug. If you can't sell your games on their own merit, stop making them.

    What Rowan said..this is like, false bottom of the barrel sliding back to reveal lower depths to scrape. And then putting it under "real life" Really? Kim C? Really, Kotaku?

    Why wouldnt she play it?
    Porn stars play games too.

    Seriously guys...THE GRAPHICS LOOK AMAZING.

      *CRAZY, my bad. Sorry Kim.

    The graphics look the same as the last CoD flop. Well he is near sighted or blind and to brad. very funny "she thinks she's people". lol

    If everyone who I didn’t like said they enjoyed games but they secretly didn’t care, well, none of you lot would be posting here.

    She might be a vacuous person, but I don't think anyone deserves to be hate-flamed for having an ordinary non-offensive opinion.

    of course it's not a paid tweet, it specifically says to say that in her contract with Activision

    Yes and I'm sure she's psyched about the next Angry Birds, Twilight movie and Michael Bay movie.

    I can accept terribly written articles on some obscure Japanese cultural quirk by Ashcraft...

    ...but if you fucking start reporting TWEETS FROM KIM KARDASHIAN, I'm fucking gone from this site.

    Serrells, how can you be proud of the site when you allow for the posting of this shit from the US site?

      Here Here!
      I do not want to read anything or give anything(and that includes my time) to anything related to Kardashian/Hilton wannabees. If this persisits i will be gone.

    If it's the only activity she shares with her brother, that may be why she may legitimately be looking forward to it.

    I think theres one of two things going on here.

    1) She's being paid to say that
    2)She's a B Grade celeb trying to use CoD's fame to get attention

    Umm guys didn't you know it's like totes fashionable to be a gamer now, she plays Angry birds while she gets her hair extensions done therefore she is totes a geek.
    I wouldn't be surprised if she turns up at some con dressed as Lara Croft...because that's the only female character she knows.

      id pay to see her fine ass in a lara croft outfit.

    Crazy what exactly?
    crazy familiar
    crazy people still buy this sh1t
    crazy average

    Kim Kardashian ... "Sorry, porn star Kim Kardashian"'s Gamertag is probably going to be "BuyMyNewPerfumeAndSearsCollection".
    Created expressly for the purpose of selling her other stuff, and will be played by some lowly interns on a rotational basis. least there's a legal forum where we can put bullets in her head.

    People chill out! So what if there's an article about kim's twitter account??? I personally found the 72 day comment funny as hell and worth the post. If you dont like it dont click on it...

    how is this news? who gives a flying f**k about what this stupid bakemono says...

    Oh god make it stop, a 2 bit d-grade celebrity shilling for a 2 bit mainstream cookie cutter game.....fucking pathetic.

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