Kinect Star Wars Is A Terrible Game. But Damn If It Isn't Fun.

Internet personality and brave gamer JonTron plays through yet another terrible game for your amusement.

This time, it's a game release many Star Wars fans have feared. Probably the most terrifying aspect of the game is the dancing, which we so lovingly made these ridiculous GIFs of so that you can relive those moments over, and over, and over...

Though I typically agree wholeheartedly with JonTron, I only have one point of beef with this funny review. The Kinect is actually a formidable piece of technology. The software itself is at fault for the shoddy menu UI and inaccuracies.


    Watched this the other night, the ending cracks me up.

    JonTron is amazing, I'd have is game-reviewing babies.

    This guy is pretty funny, didn't know about him so just subscribed as he basically said all the things i was saying about Star wars Kinect too. What killed it for me was the Dancing.

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