Kingdom Hearts 3D Trailer Is So, So Cheesy

Here's an English-language trailer for the upcoming Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance, for the Nintendo 3DS. Throwing Disney and Square Enix is still resulting in pretty much exactly what you'd expect it would.


    The last sentence is ungrammatical.

    Oh hey, at this rate we might reach 10 crappy spin-offs before the actual sequel.

      com is a sequel to 1, BBS is a prequel to the series, re:coded (although it is really bad ) is a sequel to 2. DDD is a sequel to re:coded/2, Days is a side story that takes place from the end of 1 though to the start of 2, but none are spin offs.


    They could have at least changed the gameplay to English footage. Either way I'm stoked for this, all the main series games have been great. (This is a main game.)

    Looks awesome, can't wait to get this.
    I love how someone who hasn't or doesn't even know anything about Kingdom Hearts post the trailer and comment saying its cheesy. Can't Kotaku get someone who knows something about the series to post this jeeez.

      Probably not. They seem to find it hard enough to find journos who are capable of staying on topic and using basic grammar.

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