Korean Gamers Want Chinese Players Banned From Diablo III

There are reports out of China that tensions are flaring over Diablo III. Since the game hasn't been officially released in mainland China yet, some Chinese players are acquiring copies of the game and then logging onto Asian servers in other regions.

This influx is apparently causing Korean servers to lock up and give the infamous Error 37. This is, in turn, pissing off Korean players who are blaming Chinese pirates for the connection problems. That's why some Korean Diablo III players are even calling for Chinese players to be banned from the servers — something that is obviously pissing off paying players in Taiwan, who are getting lumped in with the Mainlanders.

According to Tech in Asia, the official Korean Diablo III site is becoming a multi-lingual feud with Chinese, Taiwanese and Korean players going at it. Blizzard is looking for a workaround that will please gamers in all three countries. I know where it can start: getting rid of error 37. Just a suggestion!

韩国暗黑3玩家向暴雪申请禁止中国IP引争议 [Sina via TechInAsia]


    Don't hate the players, hate the game.

    ... I couldn't resist.


    Won't somebody think of the children? Their entire countries infrastructure is based on Gold-Farming games like WOW! Why do you think their economy has picked up so much in the last few years!

    The Chinese name for Diablo is "Darkness" and Blizzard is literally the Chinese word for blizzard. I work in Korea in IT and the biggest issue my customers have is Mainland hackers so we block all Chinese IP addresses but now the Cinese are using IP masking so it will make life difficult for "blizzard" if they try to block by IP Address

    I play on the NA servers but I get a ton of players with Asian characters for names that speak little to no English. Now, I know it's because I'm Australian so my prime times match up pretty closely with theirs, but why all the contention if the Asians are on the American servers anyway!

    Just saying.

      Read the post again, the Koreans are not discriminating against Chinese people, they are just pissed because their servers are being flooded by the massive amount of additional players.

        who happen to be chinese

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